[Polymorphic relations] When creating relation, ability to have entire App from which to choose, and not just Type

Hi again,

As I get into Fibery, I am seeing that it could be useful for my use case to be able to choose amongst all types in a given App when creating a related field in another type. What I mean here is let’s say I have a type I’ve created in an App “Counterparties” called “vendor”. In this App I also have “partners” and “customers.” My vendors in turn provide 5 key services, which I have in another App. I’d like to link each service to the vendor. These services play a role in my Fibery set-up, and I want to make each its own type, instead of using each Vendor to link around Fibery. One reason for this is that I have other vendors, such as utilities, lawyers, etc. that are not associated with any of these 5 services in the Services App. So I am trying to keep all Vendors separately tracked.

When I link the vendors to the respective services, it would be very useful if I could choose the App as the relation, and not the type. With this ability, when I create a new vendor, I can simply choose the service from a drop down that would be named after the app, and not the Type. In the current set up, I’ll have to create 5 relation fields (one for each type, since a new Vendor may belong to any), and only fill in the one that is actually the particular service the Vendor is providing.

I hope this makes sense and look forward to your feedback, thanks once more!

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@B_Sp I got the problem and we are going to solve it via Polymorphic relation in future. It will work this way. When you will create a relation, you will be able to select ALL types from some App as a reference. In this case you will have 1 relation field, but will be able to select various types in it.

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Really great to hear this is in the plans @mdubakov, thanks again!

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to resurface this and I’m wondering if you guys have any update on your plans re: Polymorphic, if nothing else just to confirm it is still on your Roadmap, as I am seeing increasing benefit from it as I build out my Fibery instance.

On particular use is a “Work” app I have that I’m housing types of “tasks” in. I have about 7 types of Tasks now, and could add some still as the need arises, things like:

  • Dev Task
  • QA Task
  • Meeting
  • “Regular” task (ie “take out the trash”)
  • Incident
  • Conversation (used in CRM & Feedback Mgmt)

I have all these tasks in one app as they all represent “work.” However, each has somewhat different attributes, so its very useful to have them in different types to be able to configure each individually. This is a huge benefit of Fibery.

However, I frequently want to relate these to my “Execution” app where “Projects” live. Each type can be part of a project. In order do do this though, I have to have a one-to-many “Connections” Type relation to each Type in my Project. So that is 7 relation fields. With Polymorphic, this would be beautifully simplified:

  • I only need the one field to have all types of “work” related;
  • I could see in just one “Connections” area all the types of work with their various colors, type icons, etc. This would be a masterful view within Fibery!

So just wanted to mention this and find out if you guys are able, can you share anything about your plans re: Polymorphic.


@B_Sp Your problem can be “partially” resolved when we will release bi-directional links. In this case you can mention related project in Dev Task description and this Dev Task will appear in this project’s Links section. Maybe not very useful, but might work as a workaround.

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Michael, and thanks for that explanation on this one, too.

If you have a moment, could you clarify if Polymorphic is still in your plans, even if unknown when you guys will get to it? I think it was a big differentiator vs. Notion, Airtable, Coda, Zenkit as they all force you to choose one table when creating a lookup. Oftentimes in those apps, a “table” (or “collection”) may equate to one entity type with you guys. However, as you can have many entities in Fibery in one App, you can essentially relate multiple types of information more readily, like my example. Another one I see frequently in those aforementioned apps is two tables for CRM - “Companies” and “Contacts.” But in Fibery, it’s logical to hold these in one Fibery App.

Thanks again for all the responses!