[Polymorphic relations] When creating relation, ability to have entire App from which to choose, and not just Type

Hi again,

As I get into Fibery, I am seeing that it could be useful for my use case to be able to choose amongst all types in a given App when creating a related field in another type. What I mean here is let’s say I have a type I’ve created in an App “Counterparties” called “vendor”. In this App I also have “partners” and “customers.” My vendors in turn provide 5 key services, which I have in another App. I’d like to link each service to the vendor. These services play a role in my Fibery set-up, and I want to make each its own type, instead of using each Vendor to link around Fibery. One reason for this is that I have other vendors, such as utilities, lawyers, etc. that are not associated with any of these 5 services in the Services App. So I am trying to keep all Vendors separately tracked.

When I link the vendors to the respective services, it would be very useful if I could choose the App as the relation, and not the type. With this ability, when I create a new vendor, I can simply choose the service from a drop down that would be named after the app, and not the Type. In the current set up, I’ll have to create 5 relation fields (one for each type, since a new Vendor may belong to any), and only fill in the one that is actually the particular service the Vendor is providing.

I hope this makes sense and look forward to your feedback, thanks once more!

@B_Sp I got the problem and we are going to solve it via Polymorphic relation in future. It will work this way. When you will create a relation, you will be able to select ALL types from some App as a reference. In this case you will have 1 relation field, but will be able to select various types in it.

Really great to hear this is in the plans @mdubakov, thanks again!