Graph or Mesh view


I’m new here. I’ve been playing with Fibery for a few weeks now, and am enjoying it greatly. One type of view I’m missing is a graph or mesh view. I’m looking for something similar to “add entity tree” in Whiteboard view that can visualize the relations for a db of entities that can have many-to-many relations to each other.

I’ve been searching the posts on this forum for previous requests on this topic, but I could not find any.


I think a graph view will be quite interesting but I think for it to really be useful, we will need a few other things be completed like Polymorphic relations and Relationship properties. I think then the graph view will be very provide very interesting insights.


This is not coming from a place of disagreement, I like graph visualizations too. But I’m curious what specific value you would hope to get out of a more dedicated Graph view. You mention the Many-to-Many relationship - is the representation of that the primary thing you’re missing from the existing Whiteboard “Add entity tree” functionality? Or is that just one example? Can you give more detail on what else you might want such a view to do or show?

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Yes, the specific value I’m after is the visualization of many-to-many relations. And Fibery already has the tech to do it, given the Workspace Map.

The point being that it is easier to understand e.g. the dependencies between different use cases in a list of use cases when I can see the graph of it instead of looking at a table. It would be nice to get the graph view automagically instead of whiteboarding it manually or graphing it outside of Fibery.

In a nutshell, Fibery allows many-to-many relations which is awesome, and already has the tech to graph it; it would be nice if that tech was a function available to users.

Of course, it would be really awesome if Fibery could implement full-blown property graphs, but I’m guessing that would take a lot of dev resources…


Totally agree. The interdependencies already allowed by many-to-many relations are not well exposed without a graph view. Laying the groundwork for it also allows those more advanced features like arbitrary relations and property graph to be added in the future.


So, i just found

which is already cool by itself. It would be awesome to have GraphViz or some other graph engine integrated into Fibery!


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I recently discovered that one-to-many relations are autolinked when you connect entities on a whiteboard. Any chance of doing the same for many-to-many relations? I mean, the infrastructure is already in place. Also, could the removal of a connecting line be reflected in the entities becoming unlinked?

This would help a lot when we populate our spaces with entities; it’s much faster and more intuitive to map the graph visually on a whiteboard than to add relations as field values in a DB.

I get that it could be tricky for many-to-many relations between entities of the same type, since you get one column for outgoing links and one for incoming and thus possible ambiguity. But that could be solved by direction of the line; if i drag a connection from A to B, then A gets an outgoing link to B which gets in incoming link from A. Or perhaps prompt the user to choose which relation to use for the link?

While i’m requesting new functionality, could there also be an option to include the column name of the relation as a label on the connecting line?