"second brain for teams"

Sorry if it’s wrong place/category for such topic.

Hi, I’ve just read https://fibery.io/blog/chronicles-34/ and was stroke by “Feature-wise it will lead to Entity View / Documents re-design with Blocks” as this is something I’ve been thinking about daily for 1 month now working inside Fibery. I will try to draft my problems and ideas below.


  1. I’d like to literally build Person (Candidate and Employee) page using data from Model (Types). It’s very limiting to have all fields and 1-1 relations in the right column using 25% of page space and other fileds and n-n relations for the rest of 75% of page.
  2. For each Person I’d like to attach Skill Matrix which is naturally a Table but for now I can only manually build Table inside RichText area or display list of Skills+Levels as a one-level list inside n-n relations block. So what I see as a solution is to embed Table View of SkillMatrix Type filtered by Person…or ideally is to introduce [key, value] array as System Field. Sorry for my ignorant language, just trying to explain and illustrate my UX.
  3. Almost the same story with TechStack and Domain Areas expertise…generally what I try to do is to reflect CV/Resume data and actualise it in Fibery.
  4. Quite often I use only “Lookup field” and want to hide Relation from Entity view.
  5. Back to Employee page/profile I’d like to have list of one-on-one embedded and collapsible/expandable for each item.
  6. Further, in future, I foresee the need of structuring one-on-one and other surveying/interviewing activities with Question and Answer Types and would love to see their Views embedded into Employee or Document Type.


  1. Rate Card. Inside HRM app for each Person I have a Rate Card which consist of number of Fields and alltogether addition in “Prime Cost” Field. Now in CRM app I want just +1 Field “Markup” for each Person and Account combination so to get Rate Card for particular Customer. And again I want to see this as Table View inside Customer or Project Type. I didn’t yet researched this well and perhaps I can implement such encapsulation through Formulas/Lookup Fields but my idea is to have sort of System composite Type which incorporates another Type.

Thank you for the cases!

From my understanding, 1-5 will be possible, it just matches our ideas.
6 is interesting, we should dig deeper here.
I don’t get CRM case, unfortunately… can you try to explain in differently?

There are a bunch of existing feature requests (as well as officially expressed plans from the Fibery team) which I think will likely meet most or all of your needs.


Your specific use cases are no doubt useful in defining exactly how all these related features and functions will work!

Hi, long time no reply from me but now I’m here and eager to explain/simplify my HRM-CRM case.


  • Rate, $/h the Person get on hands
  • Prime Cost, $/h is a formula based on Rate + some variables and lookups in “Salary Review”


  • ExternalRate for particular Person, $/h is a formula based on Prime Cost (from HRM space) + some variables

So basically I want to:

  • see the list of Persons for each Project with Rate, Prime Cost, External Rate
  • see the list of Projects for each Person with Rate, Prime Cost, External Rate

This is what I hope will be possible in some future along with major releases of “second brain for teams” initiative. True or false? :slight_smile: