One click entity create using my phone?

One click entity create links would make life so much better using Fibery for new and heavy users. Currently what comes close is smart folders but these are fixed in the sidebar, and the sidebar is over cluttered all the time and does not provide dynamic context. A simple need, from the start of using Fibery half a year ago, is like notion, obsidian logseq or similar to allow on click empty entity creation. If we can do that with a custom link I can use that to create a shortcut on my phone homepage.

If this is not possible, maybe one of you is using another note taking app that you synchronize with Fibery automatically, as a workaround?

Btw mobile ux of Fibery is an absolute horror. If Fibery wants adoption of users, this is first priority.

If only Fibery synced with Obsidian it could solve one-click create and mobile UX (to some degree). :wink:

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I don’t know if it helps, but I am using:
Fibery forms to create specific entities from the phone. In Android you can also go to the form in chrome, and use the “Add to home screen” button. It adds it as a quick button that opens the form. I have several on my launch screen and I use them to create specific entities quickly from my phone.

I also have a bit complex mechanism that I set up with home assistant platform, that on scanning an NFC tag with my phone triggers an automation that calls fibery API with a token to create a specific empty entity that an automation fills afterwards some of its fields.

So if any of those are an options, I can help to try and setup. (Probably can also do something with integromat/make/zapier)