Personal vs. Team knowledge management (PKM → TKM sync)

I like the idea, for sure. But I am not so sure of its level of importance/priority, quite honestly. The other perhaps ironic thing is that, since I discovered Fibery, I have been considering it as a potential PKM for myself, though I haven’t adopted it for that yet. But as export options have improved recently, and with the coming blocks functionality, I am closer and closer to seeing it as “Notion but with better databases” (by which I mean a great PKM).

I’d say that the notes I write for myself are generally just intended for me, and then when I feel that they’re worth sharing with others I edit them into something cleare/more compelling. My main worry if I was to sync up my personal notes with the team notes would be that some stuff that I didn’t want to share would get shared, or that people read stuff that confuses them more than anything else.

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I was just thinking the other day about how much I would love this exact feature! Although so far I’m using Fibery for PKM (I run my team so I don’t really have personal knowledge that is separate from the knowledge I want them to have) and that seems to be working well. But Obsidian looks very nice.

I’m in favor of this feature. I experience the exact issue and I still use external tools for personal knowledge management. Having a bridge to join the two would be great.

This is legit problem, overall it should be very explicit rule so you can manage it safely. Like a special tag for a note that is hard to add incidentally.

So far it is just an idea we are exploring, I don’t think we will move into implementation in the next 3-6 months, since blocks are much more important.


We use Github-hosted Obsidian vault with colleagues to share especially literature & permanent notes, which are not necessarily tied to the specific cases in the company, yet relevant; some sort of linking (as proposed immutable with an option to make mentions, link entities) would be great.

Thinking of PKM, the ability to index MD files from the Github repo & process them within Fibery could also work. Each of us has our own path (like /jakub, /jan) and one for common interests.

After all, the vault is to me like a file-based database + config file for the Obsidian browser.

Just FYI how we use Obsidian for personal & team knowledge management.

Fun fact: I learned some cooking tips from a colleague by discovering his open notes. :cook:


Hi guys,

I didn’t had a good PKM. My notes where in Notion, Google Docs, Google Keep notes etc. But now I’m using Fibery I’m building a Second Brain based on the ideas of Tiago Forte. So my situation is as followed:

  • I have one Fibery workspace for the company. We have a ‘Second brain for teams’ there.
  • I have one personal Fibery workspace as a PKM

I would love this for both of my workspaces. We use N8N for integrations. That makes a lot possible (in an affordable way). But what would be the best Fibery set up to sync the Team/TKM workspace and my own PKM workspace? What’s the best way to keep my notes in sync?

Is there somebody with a great idea? :grin:

And to be honest: I did quite a deep dive into the ‘Second Brain methodology’. I think Fibery is the most briliant tool to build a PKM Second Brain because of all the references and endless possibilities.



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Oh hey, another person using Fibery as a PKM! I agree with you, Fibery is very likely one of the best solutions for a “second brain” at this point. For the most part I only miss a good “whiteboard”/Canvas (which Obsidian’s recent major release has demonstrated can be much better and more useful for actual PKM than Fibery’s, unfortunately).

I have actually been thinking about potentially paying to have a Fibery <-> Obsidian integration created…


Let me know if you do this and I’ll contribute.

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we have some crazy prototype that syncs local files… Maybe we can expand it to sync obsidian files…


My assumption is that it’s quite easy if you use N8N. I never used Obsidian myself but we’ve already build Fibery integrations with N8N and that was quite easy since Fibery’s data structure is great :smile:

We run the self hosted version of N8N. It’s open souce so you don’t have costs (except for server costs). But N8N also has a cloud option ($20 p/m for 5000 workflow executions and 5 active workflows).

You don’t pay per step (like Make) and if 5000 workflow executions is suitable for you, it can be a good option.

My company doesn’t have the capacity atm to create integrations that we don’t use for our own clients, but I do know a great Dutch N8N consultant. Maybe he can fix it quite fast for you (costs: around € 100 per hour). I also worked with developers in Fiverr but the quality is not that good (it works; but crappy solutions that can easily break). Let me know if you want his contact details :slight_smile:

(@Sarah_Arminta as well)


Excellent! I was secretly hoping you might. :grin:

Wait… what!? :open_mouth: What did you have in mind when you built this? If it can already read text content, and Fibery already supports Markdown, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to support Obsidian content, right? :grinning:

Sure, it could be via N8N, Make, etc. But I’d prefer a more direct connection, which I was until-now assuming would be an Obsidian plugin. I’m not a coder, so I’m not sure I’m right in my assumptions here, but I figured that doing it from Obsidian would make it easier to integrate with the local file system, to pull changes from Fibery back into Obsidian if desired (i.e. make it bi-directional), to make sure Fibery changes into Obsidian are synced to Obsidian Sync if desired, etc. It might also better allow for potentially fancier integration in the future e.g. with Dataview and its successor, so that even DBs could potentially be synced (fantasy/wishlist, but may be possible one day!). I would also want to make the plugin open source, if possible.

Also just to make it clear why I personally want a Fibery <-> Obsidian integration, there is the current advantage with Obsidian’s incredibly well-implemented Canvas that is the most immediate draw. But more broadly I think it has the potential to provide a beautiful hybrid and “backup”/“out” for people who have “cloud anxiety”. If Fibery had good integration with Obsidian and/or local Markdown in general, it could be a form of basic “backup” that is more sustainable than manual workspace exports. It could also open up Fibery content manipulation (at least in basic/limited form) from Obsidian Mobile (a great experience), and even perhaps a wide variety of other Markdown mobile apps, e.g. if you sync Fibery to local machine, and sync that with a mobile Markdown editor of your choice (separately).

So hopefully a discussion can be had before I move forward about whether Fibery’s nascent file system support could be used instead, since it already exists! But unclear if it’s bi-directional, etc., or could be made so… (part of the conversation that needs to be had, of course :grin:)


Yes bi-directional will be a huge advantage! And local files sounds good!

Really love all your ideas :grin:

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I would be thrilled even with what is shown in your video. Obviously @Oshyan’s ideas would be even better :smiley:.

Make it part of a Solo Pro plan and let me give you money. :pinched_fingers:

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Well, Obsidian has own markdown syntax extension and to make it work well we should somehow handle it. It is easy to sync text, but what about links and bi-links?


i am soooo loking for a solution like this to have an easy way to combine PKM with TKM. i am a solo-preneur currently introducing new team members to the process. i am still the one doing most of the work. but having all my meeting notes, todos and other things shared would be great. i heavily rely on the task management in obsidian and i love that tasks are embedded in their relational document. but having this automatically sync to a tkm where these tasks also get filtered and put in lists would be great. any way of doing this?

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just wanted to ping this again. how are you guys using fibery as PKN / TKM? do you use databases and the description note fields as text or do you import docs into folders?
i have a lot of obsidian notes and would really like to sync them - and get the yaml in as database fields related to the text.
also to have a offline note taking tool is something i really need. i use clickup at the moment for all team related stuff and its a nightmare when its not sync, loosing data or not allowing input.
so having obisidian locally to capture data and then sync it with a tag/key to fibery to have the data there as well …

(also with the AI tools for obsidian, that can access the whole vault and answer questions against it is now a killer tool)

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Yes, this starts to get more complicated. We have to think about what the options may be, and the failure and edge cases, etc. of course. Simplest (in some sense) is when the sync will mirror the pages/content in both places.

I think the ideal in that case (which may not be possible) would be converting links to point to the internal version of that resource on sync, so if you have two pages and in Obsidian Markdown they’re linked by e.g. [[Page2]] text inside “”, when you sync into Fibery that becomes a link to e.g. . | Fibery. I can remove or update that link, and add others in Fibery, and then when I Sync back to Obsidian, it converts to [[PageLink]] style links, and creates new .md files for any new docs, etc.

In cases where something would not be synced, either due to settings/filters (e.g. you have a Fibery ↔ Obsidian sync plugin that lets you only sync certain folders if desired), or due to unsupported types/content (e.g. Canvas), then perhaps ideal could be a system link to the local file location, although I imagine potentially significant issues with that. Alternatively the links are just left as-is with [[Link]] syntax and this is not converted in any way, and so shows up in Fibery as that text, which at least lets the user know there was/is a link there and they should use the source app (Obsidian) to see/edit it.

In general for local file syncs like this (and perhaps for all active syncs?) it might be good to have an “open original/source” link on all Entities…

Those are my thoughts for now. If actually implementing any of this becomes a real consideration for Fibery team it obviously would benefit from more discussion.