Personal vs. Team knowledge management (PKM → TKM sync)

Yesterday we had an interesting conversation with @antoniokov about PKM (personal knowledge management) and TKM (team knowledge management) systems. He invented a cool way to solve PKM/TKM problem.

People like to have personal digital gardens and use all kind of PKM for this (Roam, Obsidian, Logseq, etc). It is natural for them to collect information in personal tool about everything, including work-related things. Imagine you are a product manager in productivity space. You will collect notes about productivity, competitors, ideas in your own PKM system. However, how to share it with the team?

We think that people will still use PKM, they are more convenient and private. It’s hard to imagine that suddenly you will move into Fibery and keep all private notes there as well. But we think that some parts of the PKM graph can be synced into Fibery and added to a TKM system.

Here is the flow:

  1. you accumulated 50 notes about chats and comments systems and now you can sync them to Fibery and link to a specific Product Area.
  2. You mark these notes somehow (tag or something else) and they get synced to Fibery.
  3. Notes are immutable from Fibery perspective, you can only augment them (react, comment, link to various entities, transclude into several places).
  4. Notes still live in your personal PKM and when you update something in PKM they will be updated in Fibery as well.
  5. Imagine you have 5 product managers in a company, now they have a tool to share selected parts of their personal knowledge to the team and cross-link this knowledge together.

So you research something, share to the common pool (Fibery) when ready and use Fibery tools to link this to the company context.

Fibery already has integrations and it is relatively easy to use existing mechanism to sync notes from all tools with API.

This is just a very broad idea and we’d like to hear your thoughts.


Very cool idea :sparkling_heart::smiley:

I like the idea, for sure. But I am not so sure of its level of importance/priority, quite honestly. The other perhaps ironic thing is that, since I discovered Fibery, I have been considering it as a potential PKM for myself, though I haven’t adopted it for that yet. But as export options have improved recently, and with the coming blocks functionality, I am closer and closer to seeing it as “Notion but with better databases” (by which I mean a great PKM).

I’d say that the notes I write for myself are generally just intended for me, and then when I feel that they’re worth sharing with others I edit them into something cleare/more compelling. My main worry if I was to sync up my personal notes with the team notes would be that some stuff that I didn’t want to share would get shared, or that people read stuff that confuses them more than anything else.

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I was just thinking the other day about how much I would love this exact feature! Although so far I’m using Fibery for PKM (I run my team so I don’t really have personal knowledge that is separate from the knowledge I want them to have) and that seems to be working well. But Obsidian looks very nice.

I’m in favor of this feature. I experience the exact issue and I still use external tools for personal knowledge management. Having a bridge to join the two would be great.

This is legit problem, overall it should be very explicit rule so you can manage it safely. Like a special tag for a note that is hard to add incidentally.

So far it is just an idea we are exploring, I don’t think we will move into implementation in the next 3-6 months, since blocks are much more important.