Simplified Addition of new Requests (e.g., Single Click Modal Open)

I’m looking for a way to do either of these things, and hitting a roadblock within Fibery and the help information to solve. In my use case, people will be submitting requests for new features/issues(bugs) to be fixed, but will not be using Fibery beyond the logging and checking status of these requests (they will not manage work in the system and will have a few predefined views). All this is fine and dandy, however - for non-technical users there are a few simple barriers I’m hitting:

  1. In both board and table view, clicking to ‘Add New’ simply allows you to input the name, after which you need to then enter + click on the entity to open it and fill more information out.
  2. I can not identify a way to create a quick link or set a button/easy access to ‘create new request’ for these users to access - e.g., an external url pointing to this, etc.

I’d be happy with a solution to (1) where I can force the modal to appear on click instead of just in line entering the name, but ideally I could within my read me or in the left nav add a quick ‘add request’ button.

Are there any tips that anyone has encountered to solve this issue?

Hi, the best way to solve this is use third-party Forms and Zapier to feed information into Fibery. For example, you can use Typeform

Or Zapier + Google Forms…?

It also seems like a openEntity api call would work here. Such that a person could create a button that creates a new entity and opens it for editing. Any thoughts @mdubakov?

Thanks, I’ll go down this path. For the short term, anyways, we won’t go above the Zapier free plan and I’ve used them before.