Small UX improvements

In addition to the big features (blocks, views in entities, polymorphism, multi panels, etc) that will make Fibery an even better solution there are a lots of small details that are creating frictions when you want to to input and link lots of knowledge:

  1. When referencing an entity, being able to use the clipboard: currently if I type “#” then ctrl+C to copy my clipboard content, it is not picked up by the search entity modal. I could instead select the text and use ctrl+L and then copy in search modal to link to reference but for me it makes more sense to have a direct link than a reference on the left side.
  2. Files: being able to link to google Drive files or url in addition to local files. use case: I open a pdf in chrome, I want to add to an entity, I have to dl then upload to the entity, which are unnecessary steps.
  3. New relationship fields naming: when adding a new relationship we can change the name at creation only when set to Many to Many, not when it is One to Many, or Many to One. In those cases, the field name is the name of the referenced type. We have to save the field, and then click edit to be able to change the name. Why ?

Wow, thanks for the feedback, Jean!

  1. Noted :muscle:
  2. Hm, that sounds interesting. Not sure that I fully got you how do you want to link it. You can add an URL field and add an URL directly to the entity. Or do you want a link already open PDF file to the Fibery Entity?
  3. Well, that is just smth undone :slight_smile: At first we assumed that we can guess appropriate names for the cases that aren’t many-to-many, but oops, we weren’t right. So we need to redesign it, and this is one of the things from the backlog - noted :muscle:
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  1. I want the file to be loaded in Fibery (save as a file in your backend) by just adding the url (usually it will be pdf, but it could also be html) and also being able to connect to google drive to select files there as well. Currently I have to dl the file on my computer, then upload using the modal

  2. Great!