Reciprocal reference when using "/" commands in entities

“/” commands have really been well developed at this early stage by you guys, congrats! But I think there is a big piece still needed to complete the feature - reference back to the originating entity where the “/” refers to another. This is a big feature of a lot of other apps, including TargetProcess itself, Aha, Jira, even ClickUp does this.

I’d also like to see “/” commands work with full functionality in comments, wrote about that here: "/" commands in Comments - really missing them

Thanks guys and eager to see the continued evolution of “/” in Fibery!

Ah neat. Something like a “Referenced In” list.

Hey @rickcogley, yes that’s exactly right. If you’ve used Jira or Aha, this is a cornerstone of the way they are set up. We have a lot already going in Fibery with the related fields between entities, but with the ability to use the “/” to quick add, this gives even more capability. For example, you don’t need to set up first a certain type of relation field, which limits what can show to just the selected type, and not all types across Fibery. The “/” gives you access to all, and that’s very useful!

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haven’t used those, but it’s a feature in other systems I’ve used :slight_smile:

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