August 17, 2023 / 🐢 Embeds in documents and rich text fields, Find similar and related entities

:turtle: Embeds in documents and rich edit fields

Now you can embed content from external services right into your Fibery documents and rich text fields. We use iFramely, so embeds support around 2000 services, check the full list here.

Just use the /Embed command to bring in stuff from Youtube, Loom, Figma, Google Maps, and more. You can resize your embeds and make your documents more vibrant and rich.

Check Embeds user guide to learn more.

:women_with_bunny_ears: Find Similar and Related entities (experimental)

While we are collecting feedback and improving Semantic Search to make it better, we also experiment with similar and related entity search. It should help you to find duplicates and relevant entities.

You have to enable Semantic Search to make it work. When a database is indexed, you will find Find Similar and Find Related actions in menu in an entity.

The only difference between these actions is that in Find Similar results are filtered by the same database.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Grid View: Drag and drop works much better.
  • Grid View: it is possible to create new fields now (if a single database selected).
  • / commands names in rich text are unified.
  • :mortar_board: Navigation to linked entities is no longer experimental.
  • Emoji and icons picker becomes even more beautiful.
    2023-08-17 15.46.40

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Grid View: Can’t add new entities via context menu in Grid view (clicking to the plus icon)
  • Grid View: Wrong cell is in focus after drag and drop
  • Grid View: Undo does not work for newly added to singe/multi select values
  • Grid View: Cells selection gets reset when user clicks twice on batch actions button
  • Space setup: there no other end for relation error
  • Alignment issues in callout block
  • Emojis is the full name of entity
  • Any inline block get duplicated in rich-text if place ‘/’,‘@’, or ’#’ before it
  • Navigation issue for one panel mode if doc and linked entities are from different workspaces

Amazing! Eager to try both, especially embeds!


Brilliant stuff here, thanks.

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Thank you for fixing emoji bugs, really appreciate that

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Awesome release!

Is there a way to also embed iframes in rich text/documents?

As a partner we are currently creating the Wiki inside the workspace of our customers. Would love to have screenshots of Fibery as well, but with the option to change those screenshots since UI of Fibery will be changing.

Because visuals can take a lot of space, we’re thinking of creating custom slideshows with several screenshots. We want to embed those in the workspaces of our clients via iframes so that we can have more flexibility to change screenshots.

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about iframe, do we have any way to setting those iframe for fibery extension. I capture a lot from youtube by extension, so It would be nice that i can embed youtube link in rich text which i captured

On board cards, a lot of my related entities go over the border edge because their name is too long, which causes the navigation arrow to be inaccessible. It would be great if the name got truncated slightly to always show the navigation arrow. See picture below for example.


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Here we are balancing information density and navigation — although, not sure we’ve got it right. Anyway, while we are considering truncating names, here are three ways to deal with the problem.

  1. Use Alt+click (Option+click)

  2. Click twice

  3. Select a bigger card size

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  • Your option 1: Alt-click, we already moved away from using Alt, and will be hard to discover.
  • Your option 2: Click twice on what is shown to be a single field which brings up the list of fields again, is counter intuitive.
  • Your option 3: Select a bigger card size, makes the problem a bigger problem, because small card sizes are chosen for a reason.

Therefore, I see none of them as the final solution.

**What I remember from other apps is the following: **
the arrow button just overlays the truncated text, thus always visible, and when hovering the truncated text it starts to automatically scroll to the left, thus exposing the rest of the text.

GPT-4 comes up with the following additional solutions:

  1. Tooltip on Hover: Display the truncated title by default, but when users hover over the truncated title, a tooltip can appear that shows the full title.
  2. Expandable Text: Have an ‘expand’ icon next to the truncated text. When clicked, the text expands to display the full title, pushing down any content below it temporarily. The clickable arrow remains on the far right.
  3. Ellipsis with Pop-up: Display the truncated title with an ellipsis (“…”). When users click on the ellipsis, a small pop-up or modal displays the full title. The clickable arrow button remains constant at the right.
  4. Scrollable Text: Keep the field width constant and make the text within it horizontally scrollable. This way, if users want to read the full title, they can scroll within the field. It’s not the most intuitive solution, but it ensures the arrow remains visible.
  5. Adjustable Card Width: Allow users to manually adjust the card width to accommodate longer titles. This could be a global setting or an individual setting per card.
  6. Dynamic Font Sizing: The font size of the title could decrease slightly based on its length. This is a bit tricky because it can affect readability, but if done minimally, it could be a solution for slightly longer titles.
  7. Two-line Display: Allow titles to wrap to a second line if they are too long for one line. This would increase the height of the field, but it could be a good compromise between readability and space.
  8. Persistent Arrow: Instead of placing the arrow button at the end of the title, it could be positioned consistently at a fixed place on the right side of the field. This ensures that it’s always visible regardless of the title length.
  9. Fade-out Gradient: A gradient fade-out effect can be applied to the end of the truncated text, subtly indicating that there’s more text hidden. Hovering over or clicking on the faded area can then reveal the full title.
  10. Dropdown Option: Change the arrow icon to a dropdown icon. When the user clicks on it, it reveals the full title in a dropdown style, maintaining the visibility of the clickable arrow button.

As said before, I love the refinements!

Sadly, the new embed was implemented a little naively, as it triggers a bit too often, like for example when pasting Answer: as I was shuffling around my FAQ. I’ve encountered that a lot and annoyingly any formatting of the pasted text also disappears.

Hope this issue can be fixed, thanks!
/cc @Chr1sG

2023-09-21 at 12.55

It’s a known bug, sorry :beetle:

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Great! Hope it’ll make it into the next round… it appears a lot here. :crying_cat_face:


You’ll see a fix v soon

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Fixed in last release