How to create a rich text field? (Block-related)

Hi: surely a stupid question but I can’t figure out how to create a rich text field (as mentioned under “Rich Edit” in this changelog: CHANGELOG: April 20 / Calendar View, Deactivate Users, Cool inline entities). What I want to do is create a document in which I can embed views of entities; it seems like I need a rich text field, but I don’t know whether that’s an entity to include in a document, or does it replace the document? (or has it been renamed “document”?). Thanks!


Hi, unfortunately so far this is not possible. You can only insert a link to a single entity, but not include a Board or Table in a rich edit field.

We are working on Blocks, and when they will be ready it will be possible finally.

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Thanks very much! Is there an ETA for Blocks?

What I’m hoping for is to be able to create a document (with some structure: headings, sub-headings, etc.) in which I can embed views of entities which I can keep up to date via their own dedicated views. Sort of like embedding a google sheet in a google doc, but with all the power of fibery’s data model behind it. I think the embedded view part is probably the only thing that’s missing, so hopefully I’m just waiting for Blocks? :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


As a more compelling use case: I would create a schema tracking my product and vendor selection research, which currently spans multiple overlapping business needs (eg: QA, document control, monitoring, analysis) but forms a cohesive whole in terms of related entities (vendor, product, feature, …): I’d like to be able to maintain one distinct document for each of the distinct business needs, with each document containing views of the various entities which are tailored so they’re relevant to the specific business need: that would be such a time-saver over my current process: and also much less error prone.


That is exactly what we are planning to have. ETA is very hard to give. Historically we are bad at it. I hope we’ll have blocks with this functionality in ~4 months.

Thanks: that will be amazing!