Embedding and Transclusion of entities in rich text fields

A increasingly popular way to connect information between content is to

  • Embed one in the other: e.g. to embed the display of an entity into another’s richt text field. This would be a read-only embedding.
  • Transclude one in the other: e.g. to embed through a type of iframe one entity into the richt text field of another. This is similar to the embed view functionality already present, but now we would apply that to single entities.

This would bring Fibery closer to the power of Roam Research, Obsidian, Logseq and such.

Ideally, in my opinion Fibery needs to choose for block architecture and block-level relations, like Logseq, which would give it a serious edge over Logseq in that Fibery is for collaboration, while Logseq is not so much.
Then rich text fields in Fibery would have an block-based outlining structure which means the blocks are entities, and can be connected, referenced and embedded and transcluded. But that is probably for another topic here.