Entity view in a document

Actually, in a document, a reference to entity is a link.

Currently a reference to an entity is represented by a link that can be more or less enriched by the values ​​of the fields. Like this:

And it’s a very good feature.

In some cases it may be necessary to display the entity view within a document like in Coda pages:

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Diego Campanella

Hi, do you have a use case for this?

Yes, I have to write a process documentation.
Each process is divided into numerous activities.
Some activities are repeated in multiple processes. And I would have to write them several times.
I insert the link to each activity in the document, but it would be better to display the activity itself within the document.

If I click on the link, an entity view appears on the right:

But for a better reading of the document a full view inside the document would be preferable:

In general, this view is sometimes useful for writing documentation. Especially if I have to print the document.
Thanks for your attention.

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In your example, wouldn’t it be sufficient (preferable) to show only the description field of the entity that is being mentioned?
Do you really need the whole entity view, with all fields?

It sounds like you want to ‘transclude’ the contents of the entity into the document…

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Yes I’m doing that. But it would be interesting to be able to encapsulate the view, allowing you to choose fields.


Hi, in general, the current limit of Fibery, compared to Notion and Coda, concerns the ability to ‘embedded’ any type of documents.
Actually imeges and videos are embedded very well…
It would also be useful to encapsulate into “Fibery page document”:

  • pdf document
  • sites
  • audio note
  • google document (spreedshet, doc, presentation etc…)
  • Fibery whiteboard
  • Fibery hierarchic list
    All this to enhance the skills of writing documentation. Integration into a single document is the watchword.

These are definitely coming:

  • Fibery whiteboard
  • Fibery hierarchic list

These are ‘maybe’ but probably not soon:

  • pdf document
  • sites
  • audio note

These are ‘probably not going to happen’

  • google document (spreedshet, doc, presentation etc…)
    …since we think that Fibery objects (table view, document, report view) is/will be a good enough substitute for most use cases.

Great news.

Audio notes you should put it as a priority, for me.

Thanks for attention.

They really, truly, madly, deeply aren’t for spreadsheets (yet), but OK. :neutral_face: As far as I understand it’s actually fairly trivial to embed Google Workspace content (maybe not with SOC2 compliance though?). So this decision basically appears like trying to force users to do something because it’s “right” or “better”. You will lose (have no doubt already lost) customers with this approach. If the effort truly is fairly low, then integrating with Google Workspace is a no brainer and should have happened yesterday (Calendar is finally coming I think, but Sheets is another big one, if not Docs).

tldr: embedding ≠ integrating

I wasn’t trying to suggest that Fibery can do everything that a spreadsheet can do, not even close. But when we talk to users about what they use Google sheets for (in a work management context) it is often something that can already be done in Fibery. Hence…

However, for the cases where a spreadsheet is the right tool for the job, embedding a view of a Google sheet is totally different to integrating/syncing with it.

What is gained by implementation of the former? Yes, it probably means that a user can work on a sheet from within a Fibery document (compared with switching browser windows) but it provides no real ‘connectivity’ between the two data silos.

On the other hand, I can see much more value if Fibery were capable of syncing data from Google sheets (like it can with Airtable).
Then a user can user can utilise the spreadsheet format when appropriate, and leverage the results from within Fibery (presented if necessary in a Fibery document using embedded table view or report view).

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People in the Notion community seem to love embedding everything from GSheets to Figma and more. It may not make sense to you, but it seems like quite a valued feature there (and in other tools that support embedding well). And I, for one, would also value being able to embed a GSheet quite a bit, even without data integration. :man_shrugging:

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I guess we need to start gathering the use cases then, and figure out exactly what is needed :slight_smile:
What are the things you use an embedded sheet for?

(by the way, in case any visitors to this topic are not aware, Fibery does already offer the possibility to create reports based on Google sheets. They’re read-only, and not ‘integrated’ but perhaps sufficient for some people’s needs, at least, especially when embedding reports in documents become possible.)

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Primary use cases are any time I need ad-hoc, quick data handling and manipulation, e.g. formulae, column summaries/calculations, etc.

My very most frequent use case is for tracking of various financial info, where Fibery entities are too “heavy”/cumbersome and making e.g. totals is non-trivial/cluttering with fields, or clunky in a report. For example I have a list of properties with their appraised values, debt, and net value, and I want totals of all values in each column. Or to intermix calculated (formula) vs. manual data within column/rows. Or any number of other benefits you get from totally ad-hoc, per-cell freedom, formulae, etc.

Yes, I can make Tables in Reports to handle the “column summary” case, but I have yet to find a way to do so that looks as good and works as easily as Sheets. The mere fact that I can change data in the table in Sheets is an important enough reason to keep using it. In the future when I can embed a Report in a Doc in Fibery, along with an editable Table of the Entities being reported on, this may be a somewhat acceptable workaround, but it’s still… a workaround. And simply adding in Summary values for rows and columns in Board view would only solve part of the need here.

The value of having this info in-line in a Fibery Rich Text is variable, but it would certainly make things smoother to have that. Two notable examples, one is that we do track all of our baseline property info in Fibery (size, location, ID info, status, ownership, etc.). It’d be great to have any Gsheets financial info for that entity just embedded right there in a Rich Text, or in a Doc that we could share with Partners/Prospective Partners. Another is for meeting agendas and notes where we discuss that kind of data, and again the ability to be able to have the Sheet embedded there, discuss its contents, make notes above/below, and then edit that contents if needed would really be nice. I have definitely found myself juggling multiple docs, open tabs, etc. because of lacking features in Fibery, and this is a prime example.

So is it a necessity? Definitely not. But does it mean I and my team would spend more time in Fibery and be happier with using it? Absolutely! And I think that is the perhaps subtle magic of some of what Notion did, by bringing all these tools inside itself to varying degrees simply by embedding them. Keeping your users “on platform” is an important consideration.

The Google Sheets integration with Reports is definitely great, although I often find GSheets easier to setup simple, quick charts as well. This may just be a matter of better familiarizing myself with Fibery’s GSheets charting options. But as one notable example, I tried just now to see if I was missing something, and immediately saw that simply selecting a Sheet to operate on seems to work rather poorly:

  • A sheet that I know is in my account cannot be found, with search or just scrolling through (I have this sheet open in another browser tab, I know it exists, and is one of the most recent I’ve updated)
  • It shows all sheets across my entire GDrive, including those shared with me but owned by others, with no distinction between them, no foldering, etc.

All that said, I did discover some immediate, untapped utility for Fibery Report analysis of some of my other GSheet data just by playing around, so I’ll definitely admit there is value here that I’ve been missing.

What I’d love to see for ad-hoc data handling would be, in this order:

  1. Embedded GSheets
  2. Direct import/sync of Gsheets data to Fibery Database/Entities
  3. Built-in simple spreadsheet “blocks”, i.e. Tables but you can do basic Calculations, column summary, etc. (see e.g. Quip)
  4. Native spreadsheets that can integrate with Database values/fields and operate on them, etc. (i.e. connecting ad-hoc and structured data)

Obviously the trajectory there from 1 to 4 might take a year or more to execute on, but that’s how I’d love to see it proceed.

There are free components that can do simple spreadsheets out of the box, FWIW. I know there are a lot of potential risks in using 3rd party components, but I also know you already rely on several, and I seem to vaguely recall tables maybe even being one of them. So… :smiley:


As a creative agency owner, being able to embed PDFs is very high on my list of needs.

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