Enhancement for Rich Text fields like references to files and improvement of the global search

As a user, I want to refer to the uploaded files in order to mention them in the description (rich text field) of the same entity or other entities.

As a user, I want to change the meta infos of my uploaded file, in order to give them consent names or to find them better via the search.

How does it work now
At the moment you can only copy a fixed link to the file and paste it into the description. But it’s not possible to find them via the search.

Possible solution
In general, the search can only be used to view entries that have recently been viewed. As soon as a filter is set in the search, all entities should be displayed, otherwise you always have to open the entity to be referenced before you can link it.

Maybe these references are also necessary for images and other files. maybe it would also be good if you can drag&drop files into the rich text field and a reference is automatically created.


I would definitely like to see more capability around file/attachment handling. Description would be a start, for me, and additional meta data would be nice, certainly. Linking would also be great.


I could only second my opinion about that. And would add that’s I’m personally would not bother with a Attachment concept. Or see the attachment as reference to a doc repository. which evn cold be local to fibery.io and created as part of “the uploading” but from there it should be treated as a file repository with all metadata attached to it.

Something mire was described here: [TO IMPLEMENT] Drag PDF to wiki fails to produce a preview - #9 by Holger_Winkelmann

tl,dr; I would see fibery.io not as a content store rather a cross-index to Information to, or better inside of documents.