[TO IMPLEMENT] Drag PDF to wiki fails to produce a preview

Hi - if you want to show an image in a wiki page, you can drag it there and it will just appear correctly.

This feels like it should work with PDFs as well, but it does not. You just get a grey square with an error that the image is unavailable.

The result is consistent whether you drag/drop the image or PDF, or whether you select it from the / menu.

This is not implemented yet, moved to Feature Request

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Full Size scrollable PDF Preview is one of the main reasons why I still use Evernote. If Fibery is to implement this, I would consider moving note taking and Wiki documentation to Fibery as well. Hope this feature request has not vanished from the backlog :thinking:.

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just had a similar discussion with @Polina_Zenevich on intercom, Happy to colaborate on this use case and @Remo thanks for the reference to Evernote to see they can support my PDF-> IN use case.

HI, I just checked out Evernote… As far I can tell, does not fit for me… Annotations are just painted on top of the page and seems to be not able to reference in any way as an “object”… it’s just painting on paper

Means I need to think forther, how can a Store a PDF Document and Can Deeplink a section, bookmark or Painted Region… Any ideas welcome :wink:

This kind of “deep” referencing in PDFs is really its own type of software and a fairly in-depth feature set, unlikely (in my opinion) to become a part of Fibery any time soon.

Look into Liquid Text, RemNote, Mindstone, or Polar.

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memstone is getting close… but seems POLAR get it… We just need to have an API to reference POLAR sharing URLs and Objects like comments a annotations over there… Simple :wink: just work…

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Embedding or integrating tools like Lucidchart or draw.io would also be nice especially if we are able to reference objects from there becoming referenced items in fibery.

They we think is in large canvas architectural drawings where we reference work areas of details.
It’s like a nice readable feature spec but as architectural plan. A bit as your whiteboard but mich more detailed with more refined drawing toools then Whiteboard (which is fine for this purpose.

But as said with the mass text like long multi page PDFs it’s a level of density a stock fibery document or white board can deal with.

How ever in such dense documents is so much insights . Sections , details we would love be able to reference without recreations 400pages or a A0 plan in fibery docs or whiteboards, if even feasible.

Hi, after an encouraging call with @antoniokov and @Polina_Zenevich we are moving ahead with fibery.io adoption. But the “how to deal with documents” workflows and references does not stop bothering me. And while looking around I come across the document annotation API box.com provides for every document including meta data and embedding.


It gives you for now a canonical URL with deep link to the annotation and and “could” be extended to have a full fibery.io widget for the comments.

This could be nice integration IMHO - one day.

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