Search for "Files" and within them (pdf text)


I was wondering if there is a way to collect all linked files of all entities and search through them.

Lately i was searching a lot for pdf-files we linked to tasks but wasnt able to find them by task name - as it was too long ago. so i thought it would be great to search for them, but I coulnt find a way to limit the search to “files”

Also adding to this it would be amazing if the search function could “look into” the files and find stuff, like DevonThink or even Obsidian can.

(if both are not present please move this to Ideas)


Yes, it would be great if Files were a filterable “Type”/“Database”, like Views, et.c However this topic refers to what is almost certainly two separate feature requests, so I would suggest creating a new request topic for this (i.e. indexing the contents of attachments):

Searching within files would be a really great addition. I think there are a bunch of related search items where we are generally asking to search a larger variety of fields and types.

It would be amazing if Fibery were to eventually get the ability to annotate, link and transclude content within PDFs (and other files). That is something that i often look at with a bit of envy with some of the more advanced PKM tools :grin:

Finally, given the amazing things you can do with Fibery AI, it would be really interesting if you were able to run AI tasks like summarization on file attachments to populate the entities and generating new insights.

I consider it somewhat unlikely that this kind of deep attachment support will be implemented any time soon. But Obsidian already has Annotator, and apparently is now planning native PDF annotation support. So once again I must plug my project idea and how it would help solve both of these problems (at least in some way) :grin:

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To that note of Obsidian - off-topic in this case… yet loosely related:

the more i use Fibery, the less i use Obsidian. although i really miss so many aspects of it. the speed, the native app, the offline availability.

but in a team environment it is completely useless as forcing them to use two different tools is against the usecase of fibery …

its sad, that due to the great and immense use of plugins obsidian becomes a beast, that is completely the opposite of “it creates markdown, and that is readable by any other app…”
Canvas is a great example - it would be great to use - but as it is incompatible to use outside of obsidian its kinda not useful outside of my PKM. and at the moment and in my usecase - my PKM is my TKM … i neglected all personal writing in favor of creating more team usable information … but thats me and how i function …


What if you didn’t have to choose? Your work in Obsidian could be synced back to Fibery for collaboration, and back into Obsidian for when you wanted to use that (e.g. mobile, speed, etc.).

I would push back against this characterization a bit for two reasons. First: they have opened the Canvas format, so anyone else could easily implement it if they wanted to. Second: Canvas just stores links to .md and standard URLs, etc., so at the very least even if Fibery never implemented their canvas format for Fibery Whiteboard, a sync plugin could still pretty easily list the resources in a Canvas just as a set of links that would work in Fibery. And in some cases could even do so with some limited organization, e.g. Groups in Canvas could become Headers/Sections in Fibery.

Given the above, I think it would still be tremendously valuable to have the Obsidian ↔ Fibery sync and to be able to use Obsidian Canvas on Fibery content, even though it would not be viewable or editable 1:1 in Fibery.

you might be right. maybe I’m just fallen off the obsidian wagon :slight_smile:

i actually made a obsidian to fibery sync in n8n. should be possible to make a push back as well… maybe a project for a cold winter night.

at the moment I’m more struggling with setting up a decent project management system that is easy to use. and to find files that are attached to these projects and tasks (to bring the topic back) when i don’t know the name of the task anymore …

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getting back to this and the initial question: any way to create a view showing all Attachments. Like a file browser?

the deeper we are in our project the more often i am trying to find se files that are in the system but I can’t remember the exact task or project name that it finally got attached to. so getting around that and simply see all pdf files in the database would be great.

or having a “kind: attachment” search option