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Hi again,

I wanted to request the ability to move an entity to another type, perhaps by drag and drop or copy/paste? I have reorganized my Apps from time to time, and had some entities that were built out with descriptions, comments, and some related stuff, that were now in the wrong Type due to this reorganization. I would really like to be able to not lose this entity, or many entities if they all need to move to the correct Type. Right now the only way I can see to do this is to delete the Entity and re-enter it in the new Type.

This is related to:

however, in this case I’m not talking about moving an entity all the way to another app…although I guess if you could move it to any other type in Fibery, not just a type in the same app, this would be the same thing as moving it to another app.

Thanks Guys!

Hi Guys,

Wanted to bump this up as I am hoping it is something we will see in the future. The reason I am asking again is that as I build my Fibery, I am both working in it, and evolving the set up at the same time. So I am seeing a few situations where I’d like to adjust the set-up of Types and Apps, but in a few cases there are tens of entities I’d need to recategorize to do this.

Here is an example: I am tracking both “ideas” and “questions” for my team as entities. I set this up to try to capture thoughts and questions my team has on a daily basis, that would previously get buried in Slack or Email. Initially I was using one entity to track this, as I thought that was sufficient, with a select list to choose whether the entity is an “idea” or “question.” But this is really working well, to the point now that I can see I should really have an entity for both “ideas” and “questions.” One reason is that as the current entity that contains both gets filled, we are seeing a different dynamic about how we handle ideas vs. questions, for example they should go through different workflows. But if they are in the same entity, I have to use the same workflow.

What I’d like to do is filter the entities that are now categorized as “ideas,” and move them to a new entity type just for “ideas.” If I can’t do that, I’m faced with copying and pasting 10s of entities that are already built out with relations, comments, attachments, etc. that I don’t want to lose.

Moving entities across Types is like moving tasks between Folders in Wrike, or issues between Projects in Jira, which I consider basic functionality of a work management tool. So I’m hoping this is something you guys also plan and consider a basic feature.

Thanks as always for the consideration!

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Hey guys, @mdubakov sorry to bother you but I wanted to bump this up again. Very curious about your thoughts here. I know this might involve some mapping that needs to happen because types have different fields, etc. But I am seeing this need a lot now as my team gets active in Fibery.

One situation is we have things that go in as a “Project” and it turns out they are really “Tasks” and need to be changed, but a lot of work has already gone into building the entity.

One idea here would be to “convert” the entity to another type, and then popping up a modal that would allow the user to select which fields map over. If you could in fact tie the two together via automation, you’d have a very powerful feature I’ve also requested:

This is great for something like Idea or Feature Request tracking. The original entity can have its state tied to the “created” entity. So for example with the Feature Request:

  • You have a Feature Request entity, with notes and related entities for customer feedback

  • You click “promote to another entity.” You have a modal in which you can copy over the data you need from the original “Feature Request”

  • via a relation controlled by automation, you can then leave the “Feature Request” in a state of “promoted,” but not close it until the new entity, the “feature” itself, is “done”

  • you could then track multiple feature requests and see how far along they are from the time of when you “promote” them to features that you’re working on.

Thanks guys and really grateful for any insight you can provide, even if you don’t plan to allow moving Entities to different Types.

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Guys, just wanted to try to find out again if you have thoughts on this. I imagine as the user base of Fibery grows I won’t be the only one with this issue.

For more context, this is a big piece of Jira, which I’m sure many Fibery converts have dealt with, and because of the massive customization you can do in Jira issues - which in many ways is one of the ways it closely resembles Fibery - there is an actual wizard that does the mapping, you can see it discussed in this article:

Here is a highlight:

Thanks for the consideration and hoping to hear from you on this!