CHANGELOG: July 8 / Batch Delete in Tables, Jump to exact location in References, Whiteboard shortcuts

Batch Delete in Table View

Finally you can delete many records at once from Table View:

Jump to Exact Location in a Referenced Entity

Quite often it’s not so easy to find referenced phrase. Now you can jump to exact phrase location in a referenced entity or document:

Jump to Exact Location in Notifications

Similarly, in Notifications you will be redirected to the exact location of the mention.

Whiteboard: Shortcuts

Check all Whiteboard shortcuts in a single panel. Learn them by heart.


  • Whiteboard: Resize shapes proportionally with ‘shift’
  • Add a date/time for comments on hover

Fixed Bugs

  • It’s not possible to uncheck invalid unit from board configuration
  • CSV export doesn’t work in charts
  • Adding decimal constant does not work in formulas ( Effort + 0.5)
  • Error occurs when user deletes all Types on timeline
  • Error when pressing / after inserted and resized image
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And a very important bug fix that annoyed me a lot is word wrapping in white-boards :slight_smile: I’m glad that’s fixed now.


Btw, the notes “shape” is it supposed to have a proportional rectangular size? I see now that are not squares anymore, they are rectangles. It’s not a big issue just wondering. What can be improved is a padding on the notes, right now it looks like this:

Brilliant! You guys rock! Great work, thanks.