May 16, 2024 Hide empty groups, Whiteboard bug hunt, better Timeline and List performance

Hide empty groups in List and Table Views


Now you can hide groups without any items in List and Table Views. Go to the Filter menu and enable Hide empty Groups switcher.

Use Whiteboard without tears

We have fixed a barrage of bugs and made a few quality-of-life improvements to make your Whiteboard experience more pleasant:

  • In some browsers cursor position on the Whiteboard is off
  • Sometimes Whiteboard kills the browser → improve performance and stability
  • When a user comes to a Whiteboard first time it should be “Fit to screen” by default
  • All connections between the Entities get deleted after adding Entities from multiple DBs to Whiteboard, and then deleting all cards
  • It’s impossible to apply When filter in the search popup on the Whiteboard
  • Decrease Multi-Entity insert popup transparency
  • Arranging vertically/horizontally should preserve X and Y coordinates accordingly
  • Dash style of line is not preserved when creating a new line
  • Dragged Field name is not visible when Whiteboard is opened in full-screen mode
  • Rotated figures disappear from a viewport
  • Selection Panel shows the sum of instruments
  • Unable to import Whiteboards into Workspace with huge Schema

:butterfly: One-liner improvements

  • Better Timeline View performance when moving and resizing items with drag & drop.
  • Better List View performance when expanding nested items.
  • GPT-4o. In AI Text Assistant model changed to gpt-4o. In AI automations for markdown fields model="gpt-4" setting also uses gpt-4o.
  • Add existing context Folders to a Smart Folder, not just individual context Views.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Integrations: status 200 and response with message and tryLater flag leads to data clearing
  • Non-admin can’t delete context views for their own User
  • Context filter can not be switched back in some cases
  • Confusing behaviour on opening notification on comment when Comments Field is collapsed
  • No hover state for items in the Configure Fields sidebar
  • ‘Group’ list should be searchable like ‘levels’
  • Cannot edit a select option created via context menu
  • Graphql API: references to Single / Multi select / Workflow and Domain Databases don’t appear in GraphQL Schema when they have no related field (relation)
  • Failed to rename Field when adding a space to the end of the name
  • “+” button to create Spaces should be hidden in the left menu if user doesn’t have enough permissions
  • Calendar view gets totally broken when 2 integration DBs with date range fields are selected in setup
  • Reference pop-up blinks and disappears on each second click
  • Sorting does not work for entities in Smart Section
  • It is possible to navigate and delete Comments Space on UI
  • Error in sidebar when I put cursor over ‘No parent’ group
  • Mentions: search popup shows Databases as an option
  • Can’t add items into ‘No parent’ group after turning it into smart section

Nice refinements, thanks!

Great that you added the ability to hide empty groups!

:pray: looking forward to when I use Whiteboard with tears of joy! :joy_cat:
Thanks for the refinements. Performance and stability improvements are always good, and “fit to screen” by default is also a nice immediate win!