CHANGELOG: Jan 13 / Whiteboard improvements, experimental features

:raised_back_of_hand: Whiteboard improvements

Now you can move canvas with the middle mouse button drag. We also added a new Hand tool.

2022-01-13 16.49.02

:woman_scientist: Experimental features

You can find and enable some experimental features in Workspace menu → Experimental Features. Note that features enable for you only.

For example, you can already try the brand new multi-panel navigation. It is not bugs free, but we already use it in our account and it works very good in general. You feedback would be really appreciated!

2022-01-13 16.45.13

Performance improvements

  • Timeline should not fetch all items, but apply filter to items based on axis values

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Incorrect formatting for some bold text when export to markdown
  • Lookup formula pop-up does not open on clicking link in ‘formula disabled’ notification
  • Wrong checkbox values are exported in csv
  • Action buttons: delete action does not close pop-up
  • Contributor doesn’t see linked documents and whiteboards in Entity View
  • Deletion of a field with permissions management breaks permission management

:+1: Yay for multi-panel, after using it for 30 seconds, it looks great!


Not really needed now when there are only two features, but down the line can you please add some kind of short description next to the experimental feature name?

Also how can we find out when a new experimental feature is added?


Working on it :slight_smile:


Love the multi-panel navigation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s much faster for me now to navigate into things, and it’s especially useful with the snappy navigation back and forth between collapsed panels on left and right side!


Re: Multi Panel - It great, zero desire to go back to the old way! When starting at the view level, it would be nice to support having that in the panel, so it’s fast to toggle between an entity and a view.