Move entity to another App?

I am used to being able to move issues/tasks from one container to another. As I move forward with Fibery and begin to treat Apps as essentially “containers” of data items, akin to Jira Projects, Wrike Folders, Teams in Asana, Products in Aha!, etc. it strikes me that frequently there could be a need to move an entity over to another container. There may be a way to do this elegantly given all your flexibility around relationships, parent/child hierarchy, etc., but for now I have not been able to see how I would replicate this activity in Fibery.

As always, thanks for the consideration!

@B_Sp I think it is not a good idea to treat Fibery apps as Projects or Folders. It is better to think about app as a Process. For example, you may have app for software development, app for hiring, app for CRM, etc.

@mdubakov thank you for your response!

I think I have a “double” response of my own here!

Firstly, much appreciate the explanation. That makes a lot of sense to me, to treat the apps as Process, not containers as such. With the flexibility of relationships across Fibery, I think I will really be able to adapt to my needs, and this is very useful insight.

Second, I think I found what I was actually asking about in my question: As far as I can tell, this menu here:

Is allowing me to move a type across apps. That is really all I was hoping to accomplish. One thing I’d been trying to set up in Fibery is a list of software tools my team uses. I realized it was in the wrong app. But this way, I can simply move them over to a new app, and I don’t have to re-enter, what I was hoping to avoid.

Thanks again, really well thought-out approach by you guys!

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