App/Entity type "Project" that would be able to pull from all other apps

Hi, I would like to create an app that I can use for my company-wide planning. I’d like to be able to have the types here pull from the entire rest of Fibery, not just sub-types I make in this app. So I’d have a “Project” that could include some engineering items, content, marketing, sales, etc. that I would pull together for one project, and ideally also link on a timeline to show the entirety of the work that is needed to complete the project, including things like Planning, software testing, anything really that is involved.

I’d like to see in a table view at a glance the sub-entities to the parent Project entity, is this easily something I can set up?

Many thanks for the help with this!

You can create Project type in one app and then link any types from any apps to the Project. Please see the gif that shows Project with connected User Stories and Tasks.

Note that to see Projects in left menu you have to enable this setting in Project Type (find … near Type name).

@mdubakov Great! Thanks for walking me through that, you have just unlocked a whole new dimension of possibilities for me with Fibery! One of my biggest hang-ups with Jira is that if you wanted to do any kind of high-level container of any entity (issue, subtask), it was pretty much only doable with an Epic, that had to belong to only the project where it was created. Other apps often limit entities to spaces or “folders”, and then you have no ability to link items from multiple spaces. With this solution, I can pretty much pull anything from anywhere in Fibery.

This is really impressive, thanks again Michael!

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