Suggestions around building a "larger" entity home area for long-term use

Hi again.

My intention with Fibery is to create a team hub where I can manage just about everything I am doing now in a host of other unrelated apps. As I plan my schema, I am realizing that I will have some entity types that are of a “larger,” more permanent nature, and that I’d like to represent these with all their potential depth and history in my Fibery.

I’m referring to “big” parts of a start-up (software in my case) such as “Product,” “Department” (like the Marketing or Engineering department), “Software Platform” - this one lives a long life, has updates, drives the entire product, and has a ton of action around it.

I’d like to be able to set up in such a way that I can see all the stuff in Fibery historically that will relate to these items, and keep track of it. So things like:

  • Docs about them - specifications, procedures, updates, company memos, etc.
  • All related meetings (yes, years worth even)
  • Projects, Initiatives, Goals
  • all sort of tasks and related work
  • updates, changes in fundamentals like transitioning to another part of the business, or closing down/terminating
  • questions, decisions throughout the history of existence of these items.

If I have these items as a “type” in an app, that generally starts out with a “card” if you choose to display the types in the left menu. I can build in embedded docs. But I’m wondering what would be the suggested way to set this up with a lot of substance and depth to see all I’m talking about easily. It occurs to me that Confluence, which I used a lot in the past, tried to solve this, but was a poor solution and my team wound up with most of the content I’m speaking of sort of dying in a black hole of unlinked docs, text fragments, odd Jira links, etc. and we could never accomplish this. Fibery most certainly provides capabilities for this, but I am curious about suggestions on how to model these “big” pieces teams will want to represent in Fibery.

As always thanks guys!

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