Views of more than one App’s entities

I am not sure if this is already possible, but in case it isn’t, I wanted to post this as request:

I’d like to be able to pull from multiple apps in Fibery into views and reports, ideally filtering for how many apps’ entities would be included in these views. In particular, if I have a software development team, as well as a marketing team, I’d like to be able to have both their tasks show up in one overall “work” combined view, even though the tasks may reside in separate apps. I see Apps as very similar to what a lot of other tools call “Spaces” (Wrike, ClickUp, etc.) and I think I would have a need to be able to report on and view multiple entities from across Apps together.

One more use that is important to my situation: The upcoming Canvas view’s linking. I’d really like to be able to see this across multiple apps, as I intend to liberally link entities to other entities in different apps. So what would result would be a sort of diagram similar to the Domain Diagram that is part of the basic Fibery set up, showing relationships outside apps.

Thanks guys for considering this!

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@B_Sp A limitation to show app-related types in a View inside an app is an artificial. In general it is very easy for us to remove this limitation and allow create views for any types inside an app. However, it may somewhat complicate Fibery setup. We will consider this as advanced setting.

Still you may already to this with Context Views

You may create Team type, link work to Team type and create context views for every team that will aggregate ALL work across all Apps.

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This is fixed already