Permissions on entity viewed across apps

Hi, I am going to set up Fibery to represent work of my entire Start-Up, which is in the software development space. I intend to have an entity called “task” which will represent work across apps - for developers, such as “update version of Php,” and, for example, for marketing such as “complete the new copy on marketing Email.” There may also be some executive-level tasks such as “set up interview for latest job candidate.”

I plan to have all the tasks originate in one app. However, will I be then able to use that entity across other apps, such as HR, and limit visibility to just users in the related app? So if I have an entity called “candidate” in my HR app, and I associate a related entity of “task” to show work items around that candidate, like the aforementioned “set up the interview,” will all users see this task? Or can I limit the access to the task if it is created out of the HR App?

Hope that makes sense, and thanks in advance for the help on this!

@B_Sp Fibery permission model is per-app so far. It means if you have Tasks in App “Task Tracker”, then all people who need to work with Tasks should have access to “Task Tracker” and will see ALL Tasks.

What you can do is to create Task entity inside various apps to hide different task types from various users. It will multiply number of Types, but most likely it should not be a problem.

In future we are going to implement entity-level permissions. However, this is not our immediate focus.