Type-level permissions

Hi guys,

I know this is something you are thinking about, but I wanted to add the request here as a sort of “upvote” to make a case to prioritize this. Here is my situation and why this would be useful:

I am trying to set up all all “work items” in my team (small software development with some marketing, HR, content, etc.) can be tracked in one place. So stuff like development chores, recruiting tasks, recurring posting of blog articles each week, etc. These are all “work items,” and not “tangible entities” like vendors, assets (laptops, phones, etc.) that I also track in Fibery.

I think I would be best served to have all the “work items” in one app. The “work items” are basically the tasks of everybody in my team. But I want to limit the dev tasks to just developers, HR tasks to just the HR team, etc.

If I try to set up these types of “work items” across separate Apps, I don’t have any easy way to associate them all into one report or view. And I really want to be able to see a sort of “dashboard” of all tasks for the whole team. If I have all these “work items” in one app, I can do this very easily, and then link them to other Apps that have my Epics, Products, features, HR candidates, etc. which are “tangible items” that I track differently across Fibery.

So having type-level permissions would allow me to get this set-up accomplished, without the need for something like “tagging” across apps for all entity types that I would consider “work items” and want to pull into a dashboard - which as I understand is not available now, and generally I think Fibery is set up in such as way that your typical “tags” are not necessary because the entities and types give you this categorization on a much richer level than “tags” you find in Asana, Jira, ClickUp, etc.

Thanks and hope that is clear!