Permissions - Add to Entity based on Related Entity

Hi guys,

I wanted to make the specific request for A related entity picking up the permissions of the related entity

There are probably many aspects of this, as entities can get related at various moments in Fibery:

  • Creating a new Entity within another Entity’s “details” card

  • Creating an entity from “Scratch,” say in a table within its own Type in its App

I wanted to focus on the first example, Creating a related entity from an Entity Card

My team really uses this feature a lot. In particular, when you create an Entity from a Rich Text field, and it’s auto-related into the Connections section. This is currently only available on One-to-Many relations. It would be great if when that happens, these newly related “children” Entities inherit the permission of the “Parent” where the new Entity is created.

One use of this would be Time Tracking: If you have a large time tracking Type, like shown here:

You would be able to have each Time Tracking Entity with permission only of the “Parent” entity in which time is tracked. So if your Financial officer is working on some sensitive info, that time tracked won’t be visible to a contractor on a month-to-month agreement, who’s also in the same Time Tracking Type.

This would imply that within a Type, Entities can have various permission levels, which is being worked on per these related requests:

Hope that’s something you guys are thinking about, thanks!

Hi again,

I’d be grateful if anybody could help me with this one based on today’s release here:

I am trying to set up Time Tracking based on some Team Fibery suggestions I quoted above, and the new article here.. My big question is can I have an App for Time Tracking. The Type in question will be “Time Entries.” I’d like to relate this to any number of other Types. All users will have access to this “Time Entry” type. But the types that will be related to will have limited access, for example some Finance or Executive-level stuff. So all of the team will be tracking time in this one “Time Entry” Type. But I’d like to limit the ability for some users with limited permissions to see all related entities, because some of those they won’t have access to.

Hope that makes sense and glad for any guidance out there. I’m hoping this is also a use case for many who are trying to track time in Fibery!

Soon we will release a cool article specially for the Time Tracking issue :slight_smile:
And of course, you can create an App for Time Tracking. But permissions are still on the same level - per App - not per Type, not per View, not per Entity.
For now at least.
So currently you can’t limit permissions per Entity.