CHANGELOG: November 12 / True "No Access" permissions, Jira integration

:muscle: True “No Access” permissions

In Fibery you can restrict access to Apps. Previously a user with no access to an App saw an awful lot of sensitive data, like names of all entities. Name was a public attribute visible to all people, even without any access. It appeared this decision was not correct and it took us a couple of months to solve it. The only thing that remains visible is entity Id, and it does not contain any information.

For example, a user has access to Employees but has no access to Salaries. Salaries are connected to Employee, but this information will be hidden from a user.

It all means you can safely use Fibery for sensitive data and be sure that restricted entities will not be visible anywhere (UI, Search results, API, etc).

Now we can move to functional permissions improvements, like simplify permissions management, add read-only users, and implement entity-level access.

New Search module

As a side effect, we had to re-write the Search module from scratch. It does not have new features yet, but it should be much more stable and it should not miss newly created items.

Jira Integration (beta)

You can gently try Jira integration. Import Projects, Versions, Issues, Statuses and Users. The main use case is to do Product Management in Fibery and link Issues from Jira to Features and Products in Fibery.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Zoom closer (to a single week) on Timeline
  • GitHub Integration can sync Commits from the master repository now.

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Creating Entity or Pasting Entity leads to crash: “Oops, something has gone wrong - please refresh the page” “Invalid Position”
  • Can’t export Apps with hyphens and number in name
  • User is not getting redirected to the account once workspace import is finished
  • Some imported rich text fields are read-only
  • Sorting parameters do not display on boards if several types are selected as cards
  • Not admin user cannot create type in the app where she has creator permissions
  • Some users don’t receive notifications
  • Timeline card is off by one day if separate date Fields are used
  • “Contains” operator works incorrecly in filters

Hi @mdubakov,

Sorry to add another request to your plate, but could you explain how this works:

I can’t find any new changes to my zoom capability in Timeline. As far as I can tell, this is the same as it’s been:

I am glad to see you guys working on this, since as you’re probably aware Notion just came out with this yesterday, and I noticed they have bi-weekly, which is something that I could really use in Fibery as I’d like a level between “week” and “month.” I will note for the benefit of anybody who finds this post, that you guys continue to be vastly superior on the Timeline with basic stuff like grouping and your new ability to customize the Lanes with extra info. In Notion, even with this Timeline, you still can’t show a view that would have Projects AND Tasks together, which is a basic feature of your excellent Timelines.


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The ‘days’ option is made so it shows 7 days (specifically, 24×7 hours), which is the zoom level mentioned.

Great stuff. The permissions settings are a fantastic improvement. :+1: