JIRA Integration - Clarity on Feature ID and best practices

I know one of the many intentions and use cases of Fibery is to improve upon and ultimately replace tools like JIRA, but as a product owner within a larger corporation whose development teams are fairly committed/tied to the JIRA ecosystem, it’s simply not an option for me. However, I still want to leverage Fibery as a product owner for this use case:

First - I’m hoping to get clarification around Step 2 of the JIRA integration guide that requires you to link issues to Fibery via a Feature ID field. It states:

For every Issue you want to link to Fibery, you will have to fill the Feature Id field with an Id from Fibery.

Does this mean I have to manually go through all the issues in our JIRA project and assign them a Feature ID if I want them to be synced to Fibery? I feel like I may be misunderstanding this and hope someone can further explain this step.

Second - I know part of this process will just be some trial and error but before I go down that path I would love if others could share their learnings if they have also used Fibery alongside JIRA. Any best practices you found, tips and tricks managing it, etc.

I’m super fresh to Fibery, so apologies if I am speaking out of context (unintentionally) or if something is going over my head that might seem obvious to you. Just want to make sure I don’t go down a rabbit hole of setting things up improperly.

Thanks in advance. Cheers! :beers:

When you synchronise your Jira issues into Fibery, you are creating a set of databases that mirror the contents of your Jira data.
The guide assumes you have a database of Features in Fibery, and want a way to connect a given Feature to one or more Issues.
You could choose to link them manually, but the guide shows how linking can be done automatically.
In order for Fibery to ‘know’ how you wish them to be linked, there needs to be some field in Jira that identifies which Feature an Issue links to. In the guide, it is suggested that this is done by adding an extra field in Jira, allowing you to type the ID of the Feature to which an Issue should link.
There are other possible ways, but this method is relatively simple and robust.

However, in answer to you question, it is not strictly necessary to do this for the syncing to work. It is just suggested, in order to get the connectivity benefits.