Entity key for gitlab integration

Good afternoon! Is there such a thing as project key and issue key in Fibery like in Jira?

When, for example, we can create slug “MSP” for “My super project” and JIRA creates for each entity inside the project a key like MSP- (highlighted in the screenshot).
This is needed for service and VSC integration, for example for situations where commits refer to an issue in the system by reference in the META block

fix: fix bug


and other situations where you need to synchronize task status in VSC and Fibery.

Although I may be dragging my old habits to Fibery and need to use the post integration bases that Fibery created for me? With automation tools I can act on VSC from Fibery right?

Just to clarify, I did the integration with gitlab

Hm, read a bit of the documentation and I think I found the functionality I’m interested in . | Fibery

If there are more ways to integrate, please share