Git integration suggestions

Hi Guys,

I don’t use twitter regularly, other than to read your posts since that seems to be the biggest source of news from Fibery HQ :smile:

So I thought I’d jump in here and respond to this question:

in response to suggestions re: the upcoming GitLab/GitHub integrations.

And firstly, I would prefer to see GitHub first. As one of your responders in that post mentioned, I am actually a Bitbucket user, and I will switch over to GitHub once you guys bring in your integration, which I think will be an easier switch than moving to GitLab. I vote for you to work on some other stuff ahead of BitBucket integration as well…

So my suggestions:

  1. Would love to see a way to have the Fibery Public ID - as a concatenated combo of the “Type Abbreviation” (so “T” for “Task”), plus the public ID mirror the Pull Request/Commit in GitHub.

  2. Syncing not between Issues in those systems, which I think are more like Fibery Entities, but directly to the “dev” stuff like commits, tests, pull requests, merges, deployments, etc in the repos themselves. I’ve run into a lot of integrations that try to integrate to these “issues” in GitHub and GitLab (and Bitbucket too for that matter), but those are just another way to track work. I’d like a deep integration with the actual dev work.

  3. Integrations that I think are great that you guys could try to model around:


Jira/Bitbucket: this is a really tight one with some new stuff that perhaps you guys could think about:

For me, the bottom line is I’d like to be able to stop thinking about any more need for stuff like Jira, Zenhub, Targetprocess (sorry had to mention it though!), Pivotal Tracker, etc. and know that my developers can live in Fibery, where the rest of my team lives as well, and thus allow me to solve one of the biggest challenges I have with my developer team, and the rest of my team, able to live in one tool and manage cross-function work effectively.

Hope that’s helpful guys and can’t wait to see this integration!!

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Hey guys, with this news:

Are you still prioritizing this GitHub one? More of a priority for my team, and I imagine quite a few other users as I know some of us are in Software Dev. Intercom huge too, but glad it will be getting taken care of when the team grows!


Gitlab&Github has the same priority as before :face_with_monocle: