Entity-level permissions

I’m certainly missing a possibility to limit user access to a particular entity.

Some examples:

  • a user can see releases, features, stories and bugs only from those projects, assigned to the user’s team
  • I’d like to have multi-organization setup and have no concerns, that users will see goals or product plans not owned by his organization
  • while keeping task app for everyone, I’d like to create a subset exclusively for myself
  • I’d like to be able to limit visibility of certain entities to certain subsets of users
  • I’d like to create private boards for experimenting

Thanks a lot!


Yes to this. As of 24 Aug 2019 the permissions are app level only. That means, I can assign users to either see or not see an app. What I need is, for instance, if I make a folder in the wiki, I want to make that read only for most of the team, except for a couple people. I would use this for documents that should not be edited by just anyone, that the company is legally required to maintain and make available, like “rules of employment”.