Native Apps (Apple, Android, etc.)

Hey guys,

I realize the scale of this one, but would be grateful for any insight into when you think this would be coming along?

My team does increasingly more on mobile, but we have tested many tools that have Desktop Apps (we use Mac) and the integration with Notifications is very useful. I’ve talked a lot about communicating inside Fibery:

…and the advent of Apps would have the added benefit of push notifications, which we use much more than Email notifications.

Since I am on the Apple platform, I am interested in Mac/iPadOS/iOS, but of course Android, Windows, etc. are all relevant, too.

Thanks for any insight you can provide as to when this might be coming!

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Definitely a huge undertaking and I recall they have said publicly that mobile is low on their priority list. I wonder, though, whether an actually usable mobile web version, along with integration with web-based push mobile notifications would address enough of your needs. It probably would mine, and would almost certainly be a lower-cost and more easily maintainable approach for a small team, at least for now…


Hey, appreciate the additional commentary. Yes, I would like to get some insight to the timeline - are we talking 1 year, 3 years, etc. I have seen a need in more active software systems, like websites, etc, to be able to do stuff like respond to incidents, etc. via phone or tablet.

Also, quick add of ideas or communication from a managerial point of view - when it “hits” you, is another big use. It’s next to impossible to add anything to Fibery right now on the iPhone, for example.

Apple released big stuff on the iPad this year with the Magic Keyboard, etc. that is making that platform a viable laptop alternative. I can use Notion and Airtable pretty much as on a desktop (with their Desktop Apps I might add) on an iPad. Coda is OK, but bottom line - it has a reasonably working app for these things I’m talking about.

I think Fibery is going to be limited for sometime to certain use cases without the apps, and it also affects my longer term plans. For comparison sake, Roam as a primitive “form” that shows up on Mobile for quick add - have you seen that? That might be a good temporary solution, too, but when Apps are coming is something I’d like to at least have some general sense of. I feel like as Fibery grows, others will be asking this question frequently, too.


Again, do you think a usable mobile view would be adequate for your needs for now? Beyond just a “quick add”, because that’s not really so applicable with Fibery. I can imagine an Entity view for example that is a single column rather than 2, that might fit mobile.

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Thanks @Oshyan. Coincidentally, I just saw this posted:

So I guess more of us with this need!

Yes, for all intents and purposes a “responsive” type approach, for example, to the web interface that would scale on tablet and mobile would be useful for sure. I want to stress though that in my case, the. notifications element is something my team really falls back on. We are trying to find a solution that lets us use our main “goto” Work Mgmt solution for as much communication as possible. Using two solutions simply leads to too much good info, content, ideas, etc. getting lost in the other tool.

Thanks again!

Good to hear. Regarding notifications, of course the regular web version is also not yet adequate in this way, in my opinion at least. So it’s a problem to solve overall. My understanding though is that there are ways that a mobile-oriented website can generate notifications for mobile OSs. So that could be solved without an app as well:

Mobile Apps are still out of scope for the next several months.


+1. At bare minimum, mobile friendly webapp (even without push notifications). We can use api and slack integration to get notifs. Ability to use phone would be very helpful for agile teams, multitasking etc.


I appreciate the transparency from @mdubakov about the plans for this, but I just wanted to reiterate that the lack of these mobile-friendly pages really holds my team back. @mentions don’t work on Mobile, and one of my colleagues had to re-jigger his phone to display the browser in “desktop” mode so he could just function in Fibery.

Hoping if you guys can get some good growth and possible team expansion, at least a responsive experience would be available earlier. 100% agree with:

…the Slack integration works OK for now to keep us notified!


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I second what B_Sp said. Thanks, @mdubakov for the transparency!

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@mdubakov I was wondering if there is an estimated timeline for improving the mobile web experience of Fibery. As @Oshyan mentioned, I don’t think a native app is a high priority (at least for me), but I think having fibery render properly on mobile devices would be quite useful. I often need to look through meeting notes while away from my laptop and having screens half appear and generally render poorly is a bit annoying. I also like to have one screen floating on the iPad while on video conferencing calls to take notes, but that also causes rendering issues.


+1 I know responsive is a tricky thing (not as time-consuming as developing native apps, but still…) but on the other hand I feel Fibery is already halfway there. A few adjustments / bugfixes (thinking about search especially…and sidebar navigation) would be enough to allow to quickly glance at meeting notes or add a simple entity on the go, without necessarily redoing the UX of all pages.

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