May 18, 2023 / Files in Documents, 🌁 Images on Board View, Dynamic values in relation filters, Readwise integration

It was too calm here, but now it is time to shake :dancer: this space with the new release that includes some loooong-awaited features.

:foggy: Images on Board View

We tried to implement this feature twice but never succeeded. Finally, it is there. You may see images (uploaded into Files section in an entity) as covers on a Board View. Here is the flow:

  1. Upload an Image in Files section inside an entity.
  2. Go to Board View, click Fields and select Files and media as a cover image.
  3. You may also Fit or Crop images here.

2023-05-18 11.17.03

Here are some use cases:

  • Collect design references.
  • Recognize employees faster.
  • Organize idea bank.

Here is the user guide: Show Images as Covers on Cards

:card_file_box: Files in Documents, Rich Text Fields and Comments

Finally, you can insert Files into Documents, Comments and other Rich Text fields. Type / and select File command, upload the file. Files in rich text fields are inline elements, so you might insert them inside any text line.

You can also just copy and paste a file from OS or drag and drop it.

Click on a File to open it in a new tab. File size limit is 500Mb.

2023-05-18 09.56.28 (1)

𝒳 Dynamic values in relation filters

After we introduced relation filters, the most recurring kind of feedback has been “static values only get me so far”. Indeed, often one relation dropdown depends on another one:

  • when planning a Story into a Sprint, show only the Sprints of the relevant Team;
  • when assigning a person to a Task, show only those who work on the Project;
  • when linking a Feature to an Epic, show only the Epics in the relevant Product.

We understood this a while ago and introduced Hierarchical Relations. However, they couldn’t be customized or combined with other relation filters. With this release, we have migrated all the legacy filters to more flexible dynamic values.

In this case, pick a dynamic value marked with 𝑥 instead of a specific Entity. The relation dropdown will adapt as you navigate to different Entities.

We’ve also updated the guide to support dynamic use cases.

:nerd_face: Readwise integration

With Readwise integration you can sync the books/highlights that you have created in Readwise into Fibery. This allows for a nice flow of capturing thought-provoking digital snippets as you come across them and then being able to revisit them in a Fibery context as needed.

Here is how to enable Readwise integration. Navigate to a Space where you want to have it and click Integrate. Find Readwise plugin, click it, and follow the steps to install it.

:man_running: Import your ClickUp views into Fibery

Now you can effortlessly import your ClickUp views into Fibery and see your tasks as you do in ClickUp.

You can choose whether to import or integrate the views during the import or integration process.

Once synced, you can access and work with your ClickUp views directly in Fibery. The View sync utilizes the same filtering and sorting options to ensure the created views are identical to the original ones.

Only the List view is supported in this release, while others are still in development.

Due to ClickUp API restrictions and differences between the systems, there are known issues that you can check in the documentation.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Timeline: Sorting in lanes doesn’t work in some case
  • Live updates: card disappears on board with many-to-many axis
  • Live updates: they don’t work for relation filters & sorting
  • Export to markdown doesn’t work for docs with nested views
  • Error in attempt to add new entity if value used in Relation filter is deleted
  • Mention button displayed for urls which can not be actually converted to Mention
  • ‘Cannot read property ‘status’ of undefined’ error in AI chat
  • Wrong numbers (double increased) is calculated in report-fork sometimes (caused by race condition)
  • Add PDF automation action doesn’t work correctly for fibery embedded images from rich fields
  • The task tags from ClickUp are imported as a multi-select type rather than as text.
  • Task tags in ClickUp are converted to more readable colors.

Really appreciate this one. Seemed like an oversight that this was still not possible in fibery. Will enable much more rich looking board views.


LOVE this dynamic filters release. This is amazing!
One quick bug - works perfectly everywhere except for ‘ask user’ relations in buttons. In the button relation, it shows the ’ 𝒳 ’ filter, but the filter is not being applied to the list


Thanks for the praise!

Since there might be multiple Entities with different values in the context of a Button press, we don’t apply dynamic filters there. A similar story for the automation Rules.

We’ll add an explanation label for the next release, thanks for highlighting the problem! In case there is a high demand, we’ll think about how to resolve dynamic values in Buttons as well.

That makes perfect sense why it’s not possible. In case it helps for future consideration, I’ve outlined our main use case below for dynamic filters in buttons so you have more information for where I’m coming from. I wholeheartedly recognize you need to think about the big picture perspective and all possible use cases. This is already an amazing upgrade!

  • Task boards on Project entity pages
    • We use a lot of relations to tasks to provide alternate views on the project entity to-many block. Viewing tasks per state / viewing tasks per project subcontractor / viewing tasks per project area / etc.
    • We don’t show most relations on the cards because it starts to look cluttered. Instead we use buttons with ‘ask user’ option to quickly link the card to a relation without having to open up the entity. Then we use a formula to show symbols on the card that represent certain relations.
    • So for this use-case, the only dynamic filter is ‘this project’ on each of these relations, which every entity on the task board is already filtered by ‘this project’ because it’s a to-many block on the project entity.

I honestly didn’t expect this to be implemented. Awesome! :tada:


Awesome new things I can instantly try out! Cheers!

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What an awesome release :star_struck::star_struck: Really happy!

Readwise integration is insane :grin: I’m wondering if it would be possible to change fields into databases? For example category, author, tags. That will unlock many awesome possibilities, like creating smart folders, filter more easily, etc.

Currently category is a text field, that makes it harder to build a smart folder with ‘articles, books, pdfs’. Or a smart folder based on the author. Same for tags: because it’s a select list you have less possibilities.

I can create workarounds for this but I am curious if it would be an option to have the data default in databases :smile:


It’s a bit complicated to make the Author/Category into databases, because the readwise API does not report them as uniquely identifiable entities (just text strings).

It’s a shame we don’t have Single select field options as level in smart folders

It is possible to choose whether the field is text or single-select at the time you initially configure the fields (the default is text, but you can choose single-select if you prefer).

But I will roll a change to make single-select the default choice for the

  • author
  • category
  • source
  • highlight color


(Tags should automatically default to a multi-select type)


Yes that makes sense.

True! That will unlock several possibilities

Ah, that’s great. Crazily never thought about that being possible with any integration :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

Awesome! :smile:


Awesome, two great features with the inline files and the dynamic filters! Thanks a lot, Fibery team!

Though, I have to say that using the inline file uploader, I would love to be able to toggle image files to display either as inline files or as inline file names. :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:


Hmm, why not just upload an image as image then?

Sometimes the in-line display of an image is not desirable, for example with iOS screenshots, which can become massive. Of course resizing is an option, but less neat than just choosing to display as file.

Also, when trying to place 3–5 images I might not want to make a manual gallery with the (hopefully soon updated) table.

Hence it’d be nice if the image display options also simply allow me to toggle the image to not be previewed but just listed as a file. A simple toggle will do.


PS: I’d expect videos to require a similar dual option.

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@mdubakov, here a current example of what I mean :slight_smile:

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Sorry the stream of consciousness posts… but as I’m replacing all our file entities workaround with inline files, I’m noting all these limitations.

One more thing: When I drag multiople files from my Finder onto the page, only the last one gets uploaded. Hope multi-file upload support gets added at some point :slight_smile:

PS: Don’t get me wrong, I’m SUPER happy that we have inline files now. Massive thanks for that. Just mentioning some of the limitations I’ve noticed in its use hoping that they can some day be addressed. :slight_smile:


Oh no worries! Feedback helps us improve so please shoot anything that annoys you.

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Annoy is a strong word for some of these things. But I do hope that chipping away on a few of these small refinements continuously also raises the overall experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is it technically possible to select text in a readwise highlight and then link or create an entity (like you normally can in rich text)? I don’t think that it’s possible. But would be really awesome :smile:

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Kind of odd that you can’t. I guess it’s an artifact of not being able to edit the Rich Text of synced entities, but I think we should still be able to “annotate” synced data. After all Comments work! A Linked Highlight is really no different.

Feature request made!

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