CHANGELOG: March 23 / Many-to-many relations in Lists and Smart Folders, Open Entities in panel from Board & Table View

Support of many-to-many relations in Lists and Smart Folders

Dozens of users asked us to add many-to-many relations support in Smart Folders and Lists, and we’ve implemented it now. You can create Hierarchical List and select entities linked by many-to-many relations.

For example, we have Use Cases with many Features inside, but the same Feature can belong to many Use Cases. Here is the list that visualizes Use Cases and Features:

Smart Folders can be configured this way as well now.

Navigation: Open Entities in panel from Board & Table Views

We are continuing navigation improvements, and in this release new panel navigation works for Board and Table Views. In most cases it makes navigation faster and keeps the current context.

We know that some of you may prefer to see the full entity instead of a panel, and we are going to solve this case in nearest future.

Automations: use step result in script

Now you can use step results in script.


args.steps[index] = {
  result: {
    message: `Story 1 added`,
    entities: [{id,type`}],
    ... //any additional data sent as action result

numeration of steps starts from 1 like we have on UI

  • first step has entities income
  • - id of affected entity
  • entities.type - name of affected type (e.g My Space/Story)
  • for comments, documents actions documents property is available documents: [{secret}]

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Whiteboard: Add Convert (to entity) for notes
  • Various UI performance improvements

:shrimp: 18 Fixed bugs

  • Automations: Rules and Buttons on User type should not be exported with Template.
  • Space settings: Relations popup is cut
  • Performance: Global filters are not working in the table view if there are too many fields
  • Navigation: Blank fields popup if scroll the entity down and click “Show fields”
  • Pluralizer works bad if S in the end
  • Workflow extension: after adding new values refresh required to apply progress icons
  • Rich edit: Mention search popup is closed when pasting text
  • Rich edit: Type is available in Create entity popup if user have Read-only or No Access to the app it belongs to
  • Rich edit: Issues when editing a list in rich-editor at the same time
  • Rich edit: Alt text displays “null” for uploaded video
  • Rich edit: Link/Mention Entity popup is too narrow in a panel
  • Rich edit: Rich-text placeholder is shown under the empty code block
  • Formula editor: when edit a formula field with shift + enter, the edit view closes and another row is created on the database.
  • Windows 10: Fields popup blinking in panel mode on some screen resolution
  • Permissions: User without creator permissions can move views between apps
  • Permissions: Improve error if User without creator permissions tries to move views between space
  • Left menu: UI issue with ‘expand/collapse’ icon on Space title hover
  • Oops error when rename Space if single/multi select field is added to its DB

many-to-many relations in list/smart folders is game changing! Awesome to have them finally

also love the continuation of improved navigation, great stuff

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