Single select field options as level in smart folders

In our context each User (Entity) belongs to Firm (entity) and each Firm has a category (single select field). We would like to be able to have a smart folder “Category → Firm → User”.

As a parallel - we can already use single select fields as Columns on a Board.

Yes, it would be useful if we could treat Single Selects as first-class Types.

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I think @mdubakov has already said that under the hood single select fields are basically entity types. What is needed is a mechanism for converting a single select into a relation field and adding the entity type to the app. That would be really amazing.

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Unlike the Board view, hierarchical views are set up from the top to the bottom levels, so single selects are not available here intentionally.

I guess people have a lot of single selects, and displaying all of them in the top-level selector will completely clutter it. All these setup screens are complicated enough (by the reason, of course), and I wouldn’t like to make it worse.

I like the idea of instant converting single selects to real Types (internally we call them domain Types), but we don’t have it yet.