April 21, 2023 / Breadcrumbs on Views, strict relation filters

:bread: Breadcrumbs on Views

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in Fibery with Context Views and, since recently, Nested Documents. A teammate sends you a link — and you have no idea where you arrived.

That’s why we have added (clickable!) breadcrumbs on top of all Views.

:hammer: Strict relation filters


Some Relation Filters and Sorts are there just for the end-user’s convenience. Others, though, make sure the right processes are followed and data integrity is kept:

  • Project’s Approved By is for managers only
  • Story’s Sprint is for future Sprints with spare capacity only
  • Post’s Platform is for the active ones only

Now Creators can prevent users from selecting an option that doesn’t satisfy the filter criteria by switching off the toggle.

:point_up: This setting applies to UI only, a User is still able to link an arbitrary Entity via the API or by dragging and dropping on a View.

:point_up: We don’t recommend disabling the option when there are automatic Hierarchical Relations filters, since it’s easy to accidentally leave the end-user with 0 options to pick from.

:link: Paste link into selected text


Once you discover you can simply paste a link into a selected text (Ctrl+CCtrl+V) in most text editors, you never look back. This pattern has emerged as an industry standard, so we decided to follow it as well.

The select’n’paste approach is especially helpful since the “Insert a link” shortcut differs even between Slack (Ctrl+Shift+U) and most collaboration tools (Ctrl+K).

:paperclips: Import file attachments from ClickUp

When migrating from ClickUp to Fibery, now you can take your files with you. ClickUp API is not the friendliest when it comes to files, so please be patient: the process can take some time :moyai:.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Do not show right column if there are no Fields there.
  • Whiteboard: snap to vertices is broken
  • Formulas. Sometimes text in editor is underlined as error, even if everything is ok
  • Relation duplications many-to-one and many-to-many
  • Add {{input}} into Ask anything only when some text is selected
  • Scroll doesn’t appear in filter popup in reports
  • Database selector is cut in Smart Folder config popup
  • Formula popup is closed when switching browser tabs
  • Text formatting toolbar doesn’t appear when the AI assistant panel is opened
  • Formulas: do not allow [This] in second-collection access.
  • Following link to header in doc does not make header highlighted in yellow
  • Filter popup closes when select the category for the second filter

:clap: Thanks for this much needed feature!

There is room for improvement in the breadcrumbs content however – in the image below note how the breadcrumbs do not include all of the “steps” in the path, so they still do not really tell me what I am looking at:

I still would appreciate the ability in Smart Folders to use a Formula to configure the Names of the Views – so instead of just “Pages” or “Page Status”, the views could be named by [Client].Name + " Pages".

That might be a better way to solve this problem.


This is an awesome update!

  • Pasting links into text - feels like magic, love it
  • Show other control - data hygiene FTW!
  • Hide right column if no Fields
    • I’ve had several new people comment about this. Now our project entities are centered, which is awesome. I’m hoping this opens up possibilities for wider to-many blocks

I do have an issue with breadcrumbs. Not sure if this is intentional or not, but now any user (regardless of permission level) can see the database view by clicking on the breadcrumb. I don’t want anyone other than Creators to see this view. It seems like this is likely a bug since these user roles still can’t see the database view by clicking on the space.