Improve the Chrome extension to add entities through entity forms and prepopulation of form fields

Here is for example the Clickup Chrome plugin. It is a popup window. I use it all the time.
It allows to create items in lists that can be selected. It also allows to add bookmarks and make screenschots and add them to clickup lists.

Yes, this is also something I really miss while migrating from ClickUp to Fibery.

Used it a lot.

@Yuri_BC I’ve made forms and bookmarked them to quickly add items while working. Not exactly the same. But it works :slight_smile:


Why is the chrome extension adding the URL to the Description field, and does it not allow users to select which fields to populate, like the URL field?

Is there any plan to allow selected text to be included in the created entity?

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It should add the selected text from the webpage to the Description field

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Also to note, the Chrome extension is open source: Make Chrome Extension OSS - #9 by mdubakov


I’d love to see some further development on this.

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When you use Clickup, you get access to their clever Chrome extension.

But you’re also stuck using Clickup… :grinning:

I added Fibery to my Windows task bar - granted, not the same as a Chrome extension, but I can access Fibery from anywhere.

You saw the earlier message? :arrow_up: We have a Chrome extension

@Chr1sG FYI: because of ClickUp’s setup I was able to create a task in a certain place (i.e. in my Inbox list) and provide data such as deadline + assignee.

In Fibery’s Chrome extension I can only choose a database. And because of Fibery’s (better) setup, it’s not always a good idea to simply dump a new item in a database.

When I use Fibery’s Chrome extension I can only create ‘a task’. But I can’t provide the needed extra information so that the task shows up in my Inbox in Fibery.

Bit hard to explain but hope you get the difference :slight_smile:


Based on the comments in this thread, it’s not clear to me whether the current Chrome extension for Fibery is lacking features, or whether there is/are parallel use case(s) :thinking:

The current extension is intended for quick capture of information from the web into Fibery. The comments above seem to indicate a need for ‘quick creation’ of entities, potentially including population of Fibery-specific field data, without leaving the current (non-Fibery) browser tab.
Is this independent of capturing (some of) the information available in the current tab, I wonder?

That’s what I said…:>)

Sorry. You lost me.
Does your need for rapid data entry include capturing data from the context or not?

Sorry Chris, I replied to the wrong message…I was just noting that a workaround of sorts is adding Fibery to the Win taskbar. I understand it’s not the same as an extension, but it does make Fibery a bit more accessible , so I use it religiously.

I did try the extension and I have 3 thoughts - 1) I simply need to have a one-click approach to get to Fibery databases; 2) context (if you’re referring to web page content) is not that critical for me; but 3) I definately need easy access to projects, etc., and tasks within those projects, which seems to be beyond the scope of the current extension.


From what I gather, people want the Fibery Extension to incorporate available fields from the selected database.

At its current state, Fibery’s extension is a very basic bookmarking tool, used to capture the current page and create it as an entity in the selected Database and has two fields available (Name, Description).

It seems people want the ability to create an entity and input data into other fields within said Database, even though you can open the entity directly after capturing it with the Fib Extension (I presume for ease of use). It is also more like using Fibery forms within the extension or a mini version of Fibery.

Example Use Case:

I want my team to update our Terms of Service on the front end.

  1. Open Fibery Extension on “Webpage – Terms of Service Page” and select Task Database
  2. Fill out Name of entity (already possible in current version of Fib extension)
  3. Fill out Description of entity (already possible with current version of Fib extension)
  4. Select Fibery User Assignee of entity (not possible with current version of Fib extension)
  5. Select Fibery Due Date of entity (not possible with current version of Fib extension)

I can understand the want for this for a streamlined experience. I do agree it is a tad basic. Maybe there is a way to embed created forms within the extension as an alternative?

To improve it, we use AI Automation within Fibery Rules, grab the URL, and place it within another Field called URL. We then have it Summarize the key points of the URL and “overwrite” the description.

@YvetteLans I presume you can create a semi-workaround to update fields by creating replace to have AI update other fields based on what you provide.

For example, try something like:

Step 1

  1. Create a text field called “Assignee Present”.
  2. In the Extension “Description” field, type #user_1

Step 2

Create the following rule:

  1. When: Bookmark Created
  2. Then: Update Field (Assignee Present) > Call AI (Prompt)
If "#user_1", "#user_2" or "#user_3" as an exact match is present in {{description}}, return it without quotations. If multiple are present, separate them by commas. If none of them are present, return "#no_user". Do not provide any further explanation.

(Replace #user_1 with teammate name or whatever you want)

This will update the field like so:

Then you create separate rules for each assignee to auto-assign the user if that field contains their #name.

Not as straightforward as having functionality built into the extension and a bit hacky but still may be useful for some.


You’re the one that ask the most questions since a couple of days and you pop in my emails everyday. Are you a secret agent from Clickup? :ninja: Present yourself! :rofl:


I’m not a secret agent, but an enthousiast and social systems developer. But I suggest we create a separate category to get to know each other better, see Shall we create a Community Category here in Discouse?

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Thanks @Illusory thats a great way to make the most out of the current chrome extension.
However, I consider that a workaround using Ai, not an actual solution for this topic that aims for a clickup like ability to do more with it. I will make the title a bit more clear. Hopefully this gets some attention.

What I would like to see is that the Chrome extension allows to

  • select an entity type form,

and that there is a setting which autopopulates:

  1. the web page title in specified title/text and URL form fields,
  2. and autopopulates the selected text or screenshot in a specified rich text form field.
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Here is a script (instead of using AI, saves money and is faster)
It fetches the first URL in the Description field, and inserts that in a URL field called ‘URL’.

const fibery = context.getService('fibery');

for (const entity of args.currentEntities) {
    // Fetch the content of the Description field
    const descriptionContent = await fibery.getDocumentContent(entity.Description.Secret);

    // Extract the first URL from the Description content
    const urlRegex = /https?:\/\/[^\s)]+/g;
    const firstUrl = (descriptionContent.match(urlRegex) || [])[0];

    // If a URL was found, update the URL field
    if (firstUrl) {
        await fibery.updateEntity(entity.type,, {
            'URL': firstUrl

Anyway to convert that 1st URL in description into iframe ?