Web Clipper - Desktop Browsers, all ideally

This is probably a “standard” that is coming sooner or later, but I have found increasing need already, so wanted to post it. Don’t see the request yet here in the community…

And by the way I didn’t really want to add the extra text in the title after “Web Clipper,” but Discourse wouldn’t let me post unless it was 15 characters long!


We’ve had that idea as well :sparkles:
And which browser are you going to use most for the web clipping?

Chrome, followed by Firefox.


Thanks, noted! :heart:


Same. Chrome.


I am on the Apple platform so would like to add a vote for Safari. Chrome of course as well.


I absolutely need Web clipper function for any research related tasks.


Since Fibery aimed is to organize information, having a way to “save” web pages into either

  1. a fixed Entity type
  2. let the users create Entities type that have an “web page” extension that we ensure the default field are created and set when a page is saved.

I have a need specifically for article type of HTML pages. Basically, it would mean:
a. chrome extension to save (and decide which type to create if implemented with 2.)
b. Entity type with name, content (rich text), URL, author, publication
c. for articles the chrome extension would fill the content with the page content, extract the author, publication, and article name (using semantic when the page follows standards like https://schema.org/ or inferring), also adding tags based on metadata
d. potentially highlighting entity match in the content to create links to Entity
e. potentially also keeping a pdf version of the article attached, to be able to see original formatting

The idea is to have a collection of relevant articles that the team curate, regarding our market, competition, etc. Contrary to Notion or other similar tools, the value is that the content can be edited to enrich with Entity links, comments, etc. Back linked would also allow seeing all articles referring to a specific Entity. Having the content and not just a link is also important to avoid losing information if the web page is deleted.


This sounds like something that is a bit tangential to Fibery’s niche.
Are you aware of Zotero? It sounds like what you need is partially achievable with Zotero, so it might be easier to hope for a Zapier/Integromat integration than a native Fibery app.

I personally also see an increasing desire - if not need - for this. And I’d certainly prefer it be native, rather than an integration with another existing system. I don’t know how complex it is to create “web clippers”, but if it’s not extremely challenging, I do think it’d be nice to have. Personally I would want something where I could highlight specific text on a page and have that quoted into the resulting entity that was created, too.

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I think a web clipper could be useful, but things like

sounds to be something like an academic bibliography tool, which is why I thought it was a little tangential.

Maybe my need for articles precisely is a bit too specific, but at least a chrome extension that saves content, url, pdf is a generic one.
And I agree with @Oshyan that the point of Fibery is to avoid too many integration tools. Especially, in this case, it is not complicated to have a simple chrome extension that saves the page to an Entity (need access to Fibery API and authentication to the user account). Notion has one.

The point of Fibery is to organize our knowledge, part of it comes from “raw sources” that are web pages and documents. It is important to keep track of thoses.
And once the web page is in Fibery, we have all the power of Fibery to link to unique Entities, comments, highlights, etc.
I cannot do that with Notion for example, since everything is a page/document and not a structured entity.

Use case
I want to keep knowledge of all the organizations in our space (clients, competitors, providers, partners, companies in our ecosystems). Since one organization can have several hats (eg. client + being a data provider to us) I have created an entity type Organization, with several fields to describe the relationship, and an entity type Service to describe the services that this organization provides. The Services themselves have fields to described if they are competitors to one of our services, or if they are a potential tech or data provider, etc.
If an Organization is a client, it is linked to an Account entity in the CRM app.
I also have an Article entity type, and I would like to easily record all articles that are relevant to my company and linked them to the entities (Organization, Services, etc). The real values are:

  • by linking the entities we ensure that there is one unique entity. In systems like Notion, there are more chances that someone creates a duplicate entry since there is no concept of types
  • the back-link reference: having the entities in the content highlighted is great, allow to navigate easily to those entities, but it is nice to have (the user could do a search in Fibery), the real value is the back-link, having a list of relevant Articles when looking at any Entity
  • comments: would be better to have there and record than having in a slack thread, scattered in different channels

I see a lot of value in doing that to help the people in the company to have a clearer view on client, competitors, etc. Especially for new joiners. If someone talks about a company, they could look up Fibery and have much more context than just looking into SalesForce (just deal context) or search in slack…
Someone could argue that a google search on the company name is the same, but it means that every newcomer would have to read lots of not-so-good content to reach the same level of understanding. Our Articles are curated versions of what matters to our company, with context.


Interesting and I agree, my own primary use case for this in a business context is also in relation to competition. :smiley: Although there are also uses in project research, e.g. materials for current and future projects (I am in real estate development), articles on real estate markets and performance (that are not PDFs and thus not easily uploaded), etc.

I have also strongly considered Fibery for personal use where my desire for a web clipper is even stronger. But I try to stick to the business cases here as that’s where the money (for Fibery) is. :wink:

Well, yes and no. I use Notion to clip to various different tables. Each table has a set of fields that do provide structure, so after clipping, I can e.g. reference a page in the Tech Radar table from my clipping in Web pages.
(As usual, Notion then drops the ball: they should have made it possible to clip to the VIEW of a table. The view could set defaults such as tag values from the view filter. It’s existing functionality.)

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First modest release Fibery Browser Extension - Chrome Web Store


Great! Should we post feedback for it here, or elsewhere?

It’s great, thanks :+1:
I’d love the option to choose the fields that get populated (with the URL and with the highlighted text).

p.s. when it was first proposed, I didn’t think much about the suggestion, but now I realise that it’s something I needed, but I just didn’t know it back then :slight_smile:

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Agree, this was going to be my first request as well. Set it once, then whenever you save a page to that Type, it remembers those settings. There is a Notion web clipper I use which has a decent (though far from perfect) basic model that some inspiration could be drawn from:


In case it wasn’t clear from my wording, I would like to be able to choose different fields for the URL and the hightlighted text :slight_smile:


I was searching for data parser/extraction extensions for 4h yesterday and reviewed maybe 20-30 items and wasn’t satisfied so got back to this new Fibery extension. Please consider my feedback (the reasons why I searched for substitute):

Context: I’m using Hiring App and would love to use extension to send Candidates from web page to Fibery.


  1. I can see “Description” field and my Candidate doesn’t have this field. Actually I wanted CV field to be filled with data from webpage instead of Description but ok, after adding Description field in Fibery it’s not working with extension.

Feature Requests:

  1. I’d like to see in extensions all fields of my entity after choosing it from the list. Ie when I choose Candidate I would like to see email, phone, linkedin, position, etc field so I can fill in right inside the extension pop-up.
  2. Ideally to be able to upload CV-file.
  3. Ideally to be able to provide regexp for each field to automate routine copy-paste work! :slight_smile:
  4. Super-ideally to have site-dependent set of regexp rules, so I can parse/import Candidate data across multiple different job sites.

Many thanks for consideration!