Web Clipper - Desktop Browsers, all ideally

Agree Save to Notion is a good example on how to have a more powerful web clipper:

  • “save whole page article, or just bookmark it” => for my use cases, saving the whole content much more important
  • “create preconfigured forms for your different workflows” => that’s the most compelling feature, configure forms with which Type, value of fields from the page, or fixed value, or to be displayed when using the form.
  • “modify page properties directly in the popup” => this also include fields that are lookup rows (equivalent to relations type fields in Fibery). Very powerful. We could also imagine create new related entities as we do in Fibery, when editing the related field.
  • “apply Notion template” => coudl be useful for rich text field
  • “when reading a web page, highlight portion of texts to your Notion page” => less relevant to me, I would prefer saving the all page in a Type, and then highlight in Fibery some content to be linked to other entities

Once a form is set up, it is then easy to save similar content fast. Even better would be to assiciate the form with the domain, and if only 1 form linked to a domain, open it by default when the extension is clicked.


Hey there! Didn’t know we had this until I tried looking for it here in the community :slight_smile:

quick question: what’s the “Ctrl+Shift+K” for?

Will make use of this for the GTD metholody :slight_smile:

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It’s a quick shortcut for “Create an entity”.

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For some reason, nothing happens when I use that shortcut :cry:

By the way, just found out that when I highlight a text and then use the clipper, the highlighted text automatically becomes part of the description field. That’s cool! :slight_smile:

That’s interesting, by using this shortcut without selection the extension window should have opened to save the page link. Will check.

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I would like this, as well - and, like the AirTable clipper, to have the extension connected to the entity map such that I can pick topics or add other notes, etc. for quick categorizing, statusing, etc. as I browse

Bonus points were multi-select to be so two way I could add new options from the extension