Make Chrome Extension OSS

This extension hasn’t been updated in over a year and perhaps your developer users could help keep it fresh and add some new features?

Hi, David!
In fact we collect the feedback and so for for the whole new year there were single requests about improvements and none of them were really recurring & popular (comparing to other functionality)

So what are you missing in our web clipper? Which improvements are the ones you want to see? :hugs:

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The Save to Notion extension is pretty good. It has support for templates and more fields.

Chicken and egg problem maybe? I.e. no one uses it because it doesn’t do enough, people either don’t try it, or try it and quickly forget about it and go back to complaining about more important-seeming things? This latter one is me btw. :smile: Personally I would love a really well-done web clipper, I just have little faith it will be prioritized knowing all the other work the Fibery team has planned. So I don’t bother making feature requests for it. But I could give you at least 5 ideas/requests right now if the team actually has time/energy/interest to work on it. Alternatively you could just OSS it, there are probably devs who are users of Fibery who could improve it.

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Please, share them!
There is always a chance that someone will decide to grab a small unplanned feature and deliver it :slight_smile:
As for the egg and chicken - well, maybe. But we see there are some installations and some feedback about it as well, although most of it are not features in fact :sweat_smile:

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Fair enough, I will!

OK. Feature request 1: Don’t show deleted workspaces.


We have a large number of Spaces and Databases, it could be nice to filter which ones to “expose” externally.

Bonus point, It could also be used for the Slack integration :grin:

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Here it goes, Fibery Chrome Extension is open sourced now.

Let us know what docs you need to add improvements (what is unclear in code, what should be explained, etc.)


:eyes: Awesome! Wasn’t expecting that so fast :smile:

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First contrib: