Gantt & Dependency Tracking

Hi Guys,

This, of course, is a huge, broad subject. But I wanted to get the conversation started as you guys actually have asked for feedback if there’s interest in the feature yourselves!:

This is from one of your new tutorials here:

So to kick things off, I’d love to see a lot of what you had in TargetProcess, like:

  • Due Date extension that would include both an “original” due date, and “actual” completion date
  • Dependent tasks that would wait on Predecessor, and seeing this in the Gantt. In TP as I recall these were color-coded differently and you had even nice “shades” to help differentiate various states of the related items in the Timeline/Gantt view:

  • Concept of Lead/Lag time that helps plan in dependencies.

Timeline is already a useful view, so hopefully these will be things that will start to come as you guys evolve. I posted some suggestions around Timeline and Gantt-style improvements, but nobody responded. Here it is for reference:

Would love to see some of this stuff soon as they are another typical feature of all the “big” Project Management apps that I think a lot of users coming from those tools (like me!) will be expecting.