Extra depth on Timeline to provide flexible Gantt Solution?

Hey guys,

Would love to hear from @mdubakov or @antoniokov or any of the team as soon as you guys have a chance on this:

I am thinking about how to set up a very flexible Gantt-type solution on the Timeline view and I wanted to ask you guys about this. A great thing about Fibery is that you guys let the user determine which dates are in the Timeline. Most other tools will force you into a “start date” or “due date” on an entity, then that becomes the dates that represent the durations of entities in the respective Gantt views.

One element of good Gantt charts is to show variations of dates, examples include:

  • Planned Start vs. Actual Start
  • Original Start vs. updated Start - which then can also not be the same as Actual if a timeline slips further
  • Planned Due vs. Actual completed date.

I’ve found that a lot of solutions on the market will only allow you to adjust the Gantt, by moving dependencies, around due dates. But they don’t factor in actual completion dates.

So I’m wondering if over time you guys might think about offering a “2nd set” of dates that could be added to Timeline, kind of “layered” on the initial set of dates, to allow for nice custom views as the user desired.

What I mean is, you would impose on an entity two duration of dates, which could be:

1st set: Planned start & Planned Due
2nd Set: Actual Start & Actual done.

If you could roll this up to a parent “project” Entity it would really become powerful.

I’m wondering about this as it goes with the spirit of Fibery to set up custom “everything,”, so with simply adding two sets of dates in Timeline, you’d really have an amazing Gantt solution right in Timeline.

Hope that made sense and thanks guys!

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