General Feedback Request on Entity Scheduling and Dependencies

A little anecdote. My first big project 23 years ago was a nationwide rollout of 5000 PCs here in Japan. I wanted to “do the right thing”, so I got a MS Project license and put heaps of tasks in there, trying to link them all together. It was a nightmare. Every little change to a date, would set off a massive chain reaction that would completely mess the gantt chart up. Also, it was so large that you had to print it on a 20 A4 sheets and paste it up on the wall. Kind of silly. Mid project, I changed tack and made the gantt more high level, keeping detail tasks in Excel.

With Fibery and indeed other kanban systems, the tasks are generally something that one person can complete from start to finish, and are grouped in something else. So the detail level is pretty “fine” and it has the potential to be pretty similar in look to a massive gantt chart.

Can anyone comment what’s best/good practice in a kanban system like Fibery for:

  • sequencing tasks in the case there’s a clear & obvious dependency where task one has to be before task two (let the paint dry before bringing in furniture)
    • can I link an entity to itself in app design, so I can select a predecessor?
  • grouping tasks in some container, and reporting on the container - that is, if I’m running a big project, generally for stakeholders I don’t want to show every task at a meeting with them. Instead, in say, an ERP rollout, I want to talk about high level status and blockers like “Finance is on track, good job”, “EDI is yellow and we need to place the software PO by this Friday”, or “Warehouse is completely behind and we need everyone to get on board”.
    • is the concept like the GIST planning app? That is, I would report status by some field on Step Projects, which are my general work streams mentioned here, Finance, EDI, Warehouse? Maybe I can have a custom field that indicates their general status and level of blockedness.

Thoughts and ideas appreciated! Just want to make sure I’m thinking correctly about all this.