Using relationships as dependencies?

I am not sure if this is an actual feature that’s been developed yet, but I’d like to be able to set up dependencies between entities. What I’d foresee is some arrangement where you’d see the dependencies on some kind of Gantt chart view, and there would be some automation around transitioning, for example a task would change status if its dependent task is complete.


@B_Sp Technically you can create a relation to itself, thus building a hierarchy of Tasks. However, Fibery does not have good ways to visualize these hierarchies yet. For example, there are not Gantt charts or even hierarchy list. We will add these things in future though.


This same feature also needed in table and chart features too

I thought I’d note a small bug I found when trying this. I added a “Is Blocking” and “Is Blocked By” relationship setup (which is super helpful), but it causes a “too much recursion” error when you try to visualize it on the Whiteboard. The error makes sense, but it’d be nice if it still showed something instead of just failing.

@Stuart We already fixed this bug and soon Whiteboard will show recursive things in a proper way.