Dependency with use of button

Hi guys,

@mdubakov, if you have a moment, I wanted to get your input on an idea I had to set up Dependencies between some entities before they get more full-featured down the road, could you advise?

  • I have a task entity that I wanted to relate to another. The 2nd task will be dependent on the first completing.

  • What I’d like to do is first assign the dependent task. Then, when the first task is completed, with the button function, set up so when the assignee completes that task, he/she can click the button, and that will move the dependent task into an “in progress” state, and notify the assignee that it’s time to begin work on that task (since that assignee is already attached to the task entity).

Is this possible right now with buttons?

If so, I’d create a relation, and name the field “dependent,” and actually I think this would be a very robust dependency arrangement already in Fibery!

Grateful for any input you have, thanks!