[DONE] Tree diagram AWOL

I can’t see where the ability to create an entity tree in a whiteboard diagram has gone. Am I missing something?


Hi, Chris!
Yep, we’ve removed that possibility after implementing Hierarchical lists. We hope, they can work much better. As Entity tree on the Whiteboard is very unpolished for now and need a lot improvements.
For some day we will bring them back, but not in the nearest future :slight_smile:

Shame :frowning:
As I recall, the whiteboard diagram was able to represent links between entities of the same type when the relationship wasn’t 1-to-n, something which the hierarchical list can’t do.
Maybe I’m misremembering…

That sounds not very promising - I had hoped that some of the needs for whiteboards would be in the pipeline:

Should we stop hoping for these?

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We definitely didn’t remove it forever.
To be clear - we have a feature to improve Tree View - with hierarchy filters, units on the card, and abilities to open them.
In the current status and Hierarchical lists ready - we don’t want to bring them back.
So - noted this topic and your interest :sparkling_heart:

Great commentary here and I am really counting on getting this stuff in Whiteboard. Unfortunately my use of Whiteboard is down to zero right now, as the promise of being able to build live diagrams around entities and their relations was a HUGE reason I came to Fibery over 1 1/2 years ago, and I’m really disappointed this seems completely de-prioritized right now.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this request:

Since you already built something that automatically create a graphic representation of relations between Types, would it be a huge build to do something similar within a Type? That would satisfy the need, partially at least, for an auto-generating diagram.


+1 for entity tree and the ability to build live diagrams in Whiteboard View.

+1 for diagram view for entity relations, was hoping to build org.chat with that, combining hierarchical and matrix structures…really hope you’ll bring it back in 2021

I just came across this thread: I very much want to be able to display the graph of entities (and their relations) within a Database (or ideally across multiple Databases), with filters applied: it looks this (temporarily removed) feature is probably what I need: any updates on when it will completed and restored?

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The entity tree diagram is available again (has been for a while) but it only supports one-to-many hierarchies (like list view) for the time being.

Awesome: my Project->Epic->Task relations are all 1:many and it will be great to be able to manipulate them graphically! I’m guessing I would do this via the whiteboard? I just noticed the “Add Entity Tree” option: but when I click it I get a selector displaying a selectable/filterable taxonomy with all my 1:many related Databases: I can interact with it but I can’t dismiss it: it extends beyond the bottom of my screen, so if there are controls then they’re hidden. Escape key doesn’t help: so far I’ve had to delete the whiteboard again in order to regain control. Am I missing something obvious? (I took a screenshot but I can’t find any way to attach it to this message.)

If you’ve got a UI bug, please post it in the Fibery chat (ideally with a screenshot) and someone will look into it.
In terms of the tree diagram, it is not able to be manipulated - it is created (and updated) based on the relations that exist, but it can’t be edited to propagate changes back again.

Will do. Are there plans for an editable diagram? That would be amazingly handy (even for 1:many relations).

I resolve my UI issue: I needed to decrease the browser scale factor, but the whiteboard was stealing the hotkeys (command-(+/-) on the Mac) so I couldn’t make the popup smaller: just had to switch to a different View, then decrease the scale, then switch back to the graph view again (or I guess I could have used the zoom options in the ‘view’ menu - doh!).