Whiteboard v.0.0.1 released

Today we’ve released first version of Whiteboard View. So far it can only show hierarchies via Tree Component and you can open entities via double click. We will improve Whiteboard with boxes, arrows, entities and other things based on your feedback.

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Nice start to an important addition. When I add a whiteboard for a Fibery app with links that were included from the beginning, the hierarchical links appear, but when I add one for entities where I made the links later, the hierarchy does not show. I just get the top level.

What governs the appearance of the hierarchy?

Hi. You need to ‘reconfigure’ your whiteboard treeview (just double-click on it) and select another level of hierarchy.

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Thanks, I tried that but, I don’t see anything that speaks to levels of hierarchy:

@rickcogley It seems Change does not have any relation to Task. It is required to create the relation between these two types first

I was looking for the link with another entity, my “SOW” table. Perhaps to visualize it here, all the linked entities have to be in the same app?