Tips for best configuration to take advantage of Diagram in Whiteboard?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if you could advice on the best configuration for a desired output I’d like to get out of the Whiteboard view in an app:

I am trying to represent my Software Development Platform which I build some web apps on. It is divided into the standard “Frontend, Mid-Tier, Infrastructure” arrangement. I’ll be planning and building features in Fibery that are going to cross these tiers. The Features are made up from components, like a db table that resides in Infrastructure, and a button on the app that’s in the Frontend.

I’d like to visualize the connections within the Features and components with the Whiteboard. My question is this: I have thought about two ways to show these tiers in Fibery:

  1. as a drop down on each card in my Development app.

  2. as a separate Type called “Tier” which would have the three tiers as entities.

Ideally what I’d like to do is see a diagram where I can visualize the tiers and features at once: The tiers would “group” the features and components I’m talking about here, so you could see where they really reside in the Platform. The tiers would not be represented by entities which connect to the Feature and Component entities.

For the purposes of what I can visualize with Whiteboard, would it help that these tiers are in the system as entities, and not just dropdown attributes? Will there be a way to group views by entities at some point in Whiteboard? Would that even be the way to solve this question?

As always thanks guys for taking a look at this!