CHANGELOG: July 22 / Group on whiteboard, 'is any of' filter, better performance

Whiteboard: Group/Ungroup, Send to Back/Front

Whiteboard manipulations are easier with objects grouping.

Filters: ‘is any of’ and ‘contains any of’ options added

Now it is easy to filter by several values in single selects and other relations. For example, if you need to see entities with several states, just use ‘is any off’ option:

Similarly, you may select several filter options using '‘contains any of’ operator for many-to-many relations:


  • Automatically uncheck and remove invalid units from Views (ex. after a Field is deleted)
  • Performance improvements (server side)

Fixed bugs

  • Reference selector button "Show other " does not expand more options
  • Cannot create App Type New App/New Type already exists
  • “String value is not Decimal” in Entity View
  • Decimal number fields didn’t support negative numbers
  • Cannot select row in table after scroll
  • Error when changing а board lane

Guys, this is a great addition! Could you provide any guidance as to when these “Grouping” images will be able to represent entities, or if you’re considering that at all? I’d love to have a parent Entity be visualized with it’s children inside, just like in this image here. In this case, the big “square” that groups Intercom, GitLab/GitHub, And Email could be called “Integrations” and be another entity - a Goal, Initiative, etc. and those three items would be sub-entities with a many-to-one relation to the Initiative.

My real need, and I think for a lot of colleagues here in the community, is in Software Development to alleviate having to use LucidChart or Miro for Systems Diagrams of all sorts: ERD’s, visualization of data movement across tiers, micro services that are part of a larger internal Application, etc. That is where you truly have “entities” that reside inside others, and being able both to visualize this, and have it updating in real-time according to what the team is actually building, is amazingly powerful.

If you could add in some Entity attributes, you could really get some great views here: Imagine you have mapped out your entire Software Structure with the Whiteboard. You could then show, via displaying workflow state, which parts of the system are “in progress” at any given time. Great for Executive communication, and all kinds of other ways to look at a Software Product’s build progress. I have looked for this type of tool on the market forever, it does not exist!

This is discussed here as well:

And I’d like to also say that if you could Autogenerate this type of diagram, you’d have something really powerful, supported by @AnadinX here:

Thanks guys!

PS do you like my use of bi-directional here in Discourse!! :smiley:

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Awesome! The grouping and send to back/bring to front is something I use a lot when creating software flows and other schemas. Now I can ditch almost completely.

A library with multiple shapes or resizable images like arrows and stuff like this will also be super useful.

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